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Earn Profits From Reseller Hosting

It is the trend of Digital India that has made tremendous changes in the world of the IT industry. Thanks to our Prime Minister Mr. Modi for taking the initiative of moving India to a broader dimension of artificial intelligence.
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The Government of India now ensures to provide Government services and all other services online.

Let that be tangible or intangible things, all are now available on the internet. Have a glance at what actually is Digital India program?

As the Indian population is getting diverted towards the internet, more business plans are emerging for the digital India concept.
Everything now can be gained in few clicks. 

Well, don’t you think this is the correct time to get into the online business that is the Digital India world? Netspaceindia has come with Reseller plans.

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Resell Digital Services India

The most exciting part is you do not require any knowledge of digital services. All you got to do is sell the products and all the other requirements will be provided from our end.

As a reseller, you’re just responsible for managing the business side.

A digital service is a huge market. We have come up with the services that every small and large industry need.
This makes things easy as the resellers can target the audience smoothly. Following is the list of services that you can provide to your customers.

Resell Domain Registration

In the online world, every firm needs a domain name.

Netspace (India) lies among those few companies that provide domain name TLD’S of the highest number.
Moreover, the customers have complete ownership of the domain and can manage the domain online with the control panel.

You can manage the domain name for your customer and charge nominal fees for the same. 

The domain can be registered through our domain registration page, and you can help your customers to register them. 

Resell Hosting Services

Once a domain name is active you need Hosting services in which we have a wide range of reseller hosting plans that you can sell to your customers.

We have 25 data centers across the globe. The web hosting services can be divided into three services.

Even if you don’t want to set up a Cpanel reseller hosting that requires upfront payment for large space and customers, you can still go with individual customers like Linux and Windows shared hosting services. 

Linux Shared Hosting

It is a cPanel based shared web hosting that is common among people now. More of the audience demand Linux shared web hosting as it is user-friendly.

The customer has the access to cPanel for managing his hosting. 

Windows Shared Hosting

It comes with a Plesk panel that supports ASP.NET, MySQL, PHP, IIS, and more. We provide a 99.9% uptime and money-back guarantee. Windows Shared Hosting is provided with Plesk panel access.

Virtual Private Server

It will give your customer full access to your Remote Desktop (RDP) and you can work as you are working on your localhost machine.

It gives endless control to developers, designers & businesses. 

VPS hosting provides the extra edge they need in terms of power, stability, and speed to successfully run any kind of website & application.

Resell Website Designing

The most important task is to create an attractive website for the customers. It is bringing together all the information in a classy manner and delivers the correct information to the user. We provide website designing services of two types.


It is a tool to design the website. This tool helps to create a website without manual code editing.

Website development

In this service, we develop the site for a customer as they desire. There is a human touch given to the designing services. This enhances the beauty of the website and makes the website user-friendly.

Resell Content Management

When it comes to digital marketing, the content requirement of the website matters the utmost.

Content is one of the services that are very much in demand for SEO services factors as well.

We deliver 100% unique articles that will target the main audience that the customer desires. For more information, please visit content management.

Resell Website Security

Every website owner desired to have security on their website.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer is security technology. This technology establishes an encrypted link between a server and a browser.

It ensures the privacy of data that is being transferred. We have different SSL packages. Installation is carried from our end.

These services allow you to earn a big size of money with all the support provided from our end.

We will be giving all the technical assistance that the customer requires.

All you got to do is register with us as a reseller and rest we will help you out.

Contact us and get into the online business right away…

Tarandeep Kaur

Tarandeep Kaur

I am working with NetSpaceIndia company for almost 7 years and have enjoyed sharing my words on different topics. I with my team mates focus together to get high-quality traffic to the website.

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