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5 Things not to say in a job interview

Does the thought of appearing for a job interview leave you jittery? These are little-known ways to avoid when preparing for an interview.
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With the job market growing more competitive than ever before, just degrees and hard work are no longer enough to sail you through an interview. Read on to know what you need to know to crack a job interview.
Sometimes knowing what not to say is more important than saying or showing what you know in an interview. Once you’re actually all dressed up and braced up to be in front of your potential employers, you do not want to ruin your prospects with something you should not have blurted out.
Hiring managers agree that job seekers who look for a job primarily because it will pay their bills do not click with their prospective employers. Employers get inclined towards hiring people who can talk passionately about their interests and passions. It gives them a doorway into knowing the interviewee better and making a better decision about determining whether they should be hired or not.

These are five things you should never say in a job interview especially when it is your first job.

  1. When asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” never say, “Working in your company.”Though on the face of it nothing appears wrong with the statement, it is better to build a response around the level of experience you would have had by the end of five years or what sort of responsibilities you would like to carry out.
  2. When asked, “What do you expect to enjoy most about your job?” Your reply should never be one of the following: salary package, perks, the pay or the holidays.
  3. Stop yapping about “I was very good at … ” Please do NOT blow your own trumpet. Instead, speak clearly about your skill sets and work experience. They like it straightforward.
  4. “My previous employer was very mean.” No matter what or however malicious your previous employer was. Never-ever bad mouth anyone in your previous organization. Speaking ill of a previous employer is totally unprofessional. It also reflects shallowness. Your new employer might contact your former employer for references so be very careful in terms of what you say.
  5. “What time can I leave for home?” Remember this…. Never ever ask this question. We mean why? Why should you even ask something like this in the first place?

Final Thoughts

So now that we have let out the golden rules, we hope you rock the interview. All the best.

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Shashi kant Pandidhar

I’ve been helping businesses to be online for over 15 years. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age.

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