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Quick Fix – 508 resource limit is reached

508 Error appears when your website is hitting your Linux Shared Hosting Limitation. 

Every hosting company put limits on the shared hosting customer to avoid overload of the server and give fair uses to other customers. 

Once these limit are trigged, you may see an error page of 508- Resource Limit Is Reached. 

A quick fix is to solve resource limit is reached error is to login into your Cpanel Account and see what is consuming your resource and and bring down the uses of the same. 

What is 508 resource limit reached?

A resource in the terms of servers can be a CPU, RAM, Entry processes (Concurrent Connections) and many more.

This going to be bit technical but I will  try to keep it as simple as it can be. 

First let us understand why these limits? 

When you but a shared hosting service hosted in Linux hosting (Cpanel) based server, you are sharing your server with other customer who are hosting the website just like you.

And hosting company like us need to be fair with all the customers on the server.  

We have different server for different type of customers. 

For understanding of the resource limit error, let us take  example of Netspace (India) linux hosting plans limitation . 

Linux Hosting (50 GB) Linux PRO Linux Unlimited
CPU (Accessible cores)
100 % Of 1 CPU Core
100 % Of 1 CPU Core
100 % Of 2 CPU Core
Memory/RAM (Physical)
512 MB
1 GB
2 GB
Memory/RAM (Virtual)
512 MB
1 GB
2 GB
I/O (KB/sec)
Entry processes
(Concurrent connections)
Files (inodes)
Disk space
50 GB
300 GB
Domains Allowed
508 resource limit is reached

Each hosting company have different limitation. 

You can check the limits applied to your accounts from Cpanel login area. 

CPU Limit : 

As the name suggest, CPU limit is how much cpu speed (core) is allowed to process computer of your website.

In the event this limit is 100, this mean that 1 CPU upto 100% is allowed to process your website compute request. 

If this is 200 % then 2 core will be allowed to compute your data. 

Now you can do the maths.



Netspace (India) provide access to two type of RAM access. 

One is physical RAM and Virtual RAM. 

You can check the RAM uses on the right side of the Cpanel. 


Entry Process: 

Famously know as “Concurrent connection” which means the maximum number of TCP/IP connections your Linux Hosting Plan can handle at any one time.

At any given time many a website may have multiple TCP/IP requests.

For example a single, simple web page might require 19 connections.

  • 1 for the HTML page
  • 4 for included JS scripts
  • 14 for JPEG and PNG image files

If 5 people request this page at the same time it could result in 95 concurrent connections.

If you have high traffic website, I highly recommend our VPS Hosting Services In India, Which do not come with these limitation. 


Domain Allowed:

Each plan allow you to host multiple domains under one plan, this also mean your limits are further shared with each domain. 

So, If you have two domains and each is using 25% of CPU then you will be using 50% of your allocated limit of 100% . 

How to check detail of resource limit uses?

Resource limitsThe brief idea of resource limit can be seen on Cpanel main page on left side as shown no above image. 

If you want you can check the detail graph of each limit to check when was the last time your website may have hit the limit. 

Once you are logged in to Cpanel look for CPU and Concurrent connection usage option. 

clicking on it will take you to detail report as shown in the image on the left side. 

Using this graph you can check at what point of time which limit was hit, this can help you understand if there was a traffic surge that could have hit the limit.

The Red line in the graph represent the maximum limit allowed in your plan and the green is the actual uses of your website. 

What can cause a sudden error of "508 resource limit is reached " ?

Typically, the reason for this could be because your website is :


This can be due to visitor numbers – Your website is suddenly receiving a very high amount of traffic (hits) .

Or you or your business appeared on the front page of Time magazine! 🙂

Your website may show the error until the traffic subsides or is mitigated, or you have upgraded the plan with higher limit.

Bad Coding:

A website can goto overloaded state due to a badly bahaved script – If your website has a poorly coded or outdated script or app installed (e.g. an old version of WordPress or an outdated Plugin), it can be a “timebomb” because at some point, other core software on the server are likely to be updated and that can trigger the outdated app or script to malfunction.  

In this situation, it is common to find that the script / app becomes highly “resource intensive” (e.g. is continuously running and stuck in a loop, trying to suck all the server resources with it!), which in turn can spike the resources associated to your account, leading to the error page. 

Your website will show the error until the app is terminated or your account’s resources have been increased.  

This is partly why we strongly recommend keeping all apps up to date via our maintenance plan.

How do I fix 508 resource limit is reached?

First thing first, make sure you are in right hosting plan, there are different plan for WordPress Hosting and Magento Hosting.

The basic Linux hosting plan can support light version of wordpress but a slightly heavy website may required a upgrade.

If you using wordpress and you end up in this error, try updating all the plugin.

Remove unwanted plugin, by remove I mean Delete Plugin which are not required. 

Upgrade your WordPress website regularly.

Use cloudflare for wordpress website (Free Service), this will setup a CDN network on your blog and can bring down resource uses drastically. 


Feel free to comment below if you have any related query, I will be happy to help you on the same. 

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