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Resource limits on Cpanel

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  1. Linux Shared Hosting

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 Shared hosting comes with limitations, These limitations changes as per the plan slab.

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Each site has a maximum amount of resources it can use. This makes sure no single account on a shared hosting server impacts other customers' experiences.

Resource (Units)Solo PlansMulti Domains PlansCorporate Plans
CPU (Accessible cores)11As per the plan
Physical Memory/RAM (MB)5121,024As per the plan
I/O (KB/s)5121,0243,048
Entry Processes 
(Concurrent connections)
Files (Inodes)100,000250,000350,000

With Linux shared hosting accounts, many customers' websites share the same servers and resources. Some of these resources are abundant and we don't place hard limits on them, e.g. we provide all accounts unlimited bandwidth and our Premium and Ultimate accounts unlimited storage.

However, other resources are more scarce so we have to ensure one website isn't consuming all of a server's resources—which can hurt performance across all sites on the server— so we have resource usage "maximums" for CPU, RAM, I/O, inodes and Entry Processes for each hosting account. This helps us allocate server resources and ensures top performance hosting for all customers.

The rest of this article explains how these resources affect your site, as well as situations where you might want to upgrade your account. 

Right now, we only have these limits implemented on our cPanel shared hosting accounts. Our other shared hosting platforms use the same types of resources, but do not have the ability to upgrade the resources available to them. If your website reaches the limit (Resource Limit Is Reached) wait for some time and as soon as your website comes under the limit your website should work normally. 

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Updated on February 9, 2023
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