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Store and Transfer Upto 100 Petabyte of Data using Amazon’s Snowmobile

How much data storage is enough for you? What about 100 PetaByte and what if it’s riding on 18 wheels. his is Amazon's Snowmobile.
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amazon snowmobile

This year on Amazon reinvent 2016 they announced Amazon’s Snowmobile which is a new service that makes Google Fiber seem slow. It’s designed to shuttle as many as 100 petabytes per truck.

From the day we added AWS Managed services as a part of our product list, We know we are a part of something amazing. Last time they introduced AWS Indian Location as Availability Zone and This time they even made the internet feel small in terms of Size.

100 Petabyte is enough storage to hold five copies of the Internet Archive (a comprehensive backup of the web both present and past), which contains “only” about 18.5 petabytes of unique data.

amazon 100 pb

Even with a one gigabit-per-second connection such as Google Fiber, uploading 100 petabytes over the internet would take more than 28 years. But on the other hand, At an average speed of 65 mph, on the other hand, you could drive a Snowmobile from San Francisco to New York City in about 45 hours—about 4,970 gigabits per second. That doesn’t count the time it takes to transfer the data onto Snowmobile–which Amazon estimates will take less than 10 days–or from the Snowmobile onto Amazon’s servers. But all told, that still makes the truck much, much faster. And because Amazon has data centers throughout the country, your date probably won’t need to travel cross-country anyway.

“On the security side, Snowmobile incorporates multiple layers of logical and physical protection, including chain-of-custody tracking and video surveillance,” Amazon cloud evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post announcing the service. In other words, Amazon is keeping a close eye on your data while it’s on the road. Each truck is weather-proofed and tamper-resistant and all data is encrypted, Barr says.

Snowball wasn’t quite enough for some customers. Amazon seems to believe that some companies will need multiple Snowmobiles. The site advertises itself as capable of handling data at the exabytes scale—or by Amazon’s new measurement, ten truckloads.

Find out what Petabyte means and get used to it.

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