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Author: Anjali Tyagi

renew ssl certificate

SSL certificate renewal

Learn the step by step guide on how to renew your SSL certificate before it expires. Understand the importance of website security and the role of an SSL certificate in encrypting the data transmitted between a website and a user's browser. Discover two of the best options available in the market, RapidSSL and QuickSSL Premium, and ensure that your website is secure and your customers' data is protected. Don't let your SSL certificate expire, renew it today with our comprehensive guide
Best Laptops for Employees

Best laptops for employees to make your work life easier

To be an employee in the 21st century requires gadgets that keep you right on track and your progress unmatched. Lets look into different type of laptop in India which can be best laptops for employees and what makes good balance between performance and cost.
Deceptive Site Ahead

Fixing the “This site ahead contains harmful programs” Error

The "This site ahead contains harmful programs" error is a frustrating and confusing experience that can prevent you from accessing your website. This error message appears when Google Chrome detects that a website you're trying to visit may be unsafe, and it's designed to protect you from potentially harmful content. However, this error message can also appear on legitimate websites due to false positives, and it can be a real headache for website owners. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to take to fix the "This site ahead contains harmful programs" error, from checking your website's security, to submitting your website to Google for review, to removing any malware or harmful content, and monitoring your website for future security issues. We will give you a comprehensive guide to fix this issue once and for all, and get your website back online.
types of tm in India

Types of Trademark Infringement in India

Trademark Infringement in India means wrongful use of a trademark by an unauthorized body. Avoid becoming a victim of domain abuse and protect your domain online with Netspace™ (India).
third party cookies

How third-party cookies work great for marketing

Controversies regarding third-party cookies spark now and then due to them being generated by a different website instead of the one you are visiting, which some consider intrusive and the rest helpful.
sunrise period

What Is SUNRISE PHASE and How to Register a domain in this phase?

gTLDs stand for generic Top-level domains. There are three phases of the release of the new gTLDs one of which is known as the Sunrise Phase.
domain name impacts on branding

Online Branding: How Domain Branding Can Boosts Your Business?

A domain name is defined as the website’s address. The chances of your brand being well-recognized increase when you own a domain name. It helps in engaging more target audience to your website if your domain name matches your business concept and therefore, helps in branding.
trademark protection

Protecting Your Brand Online – Avoiding Trademark infringement

To gain proper recognition and to stand out among others, a brand needs to make sure that there is no trademark infringement at all. A registered trademark is supposedly infringed when there is a breach of a brand’s right to a trademark without the needed authorization of the trademark owner or the licenses required.
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