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Author: Shashi kant Pandidhar

FIDO Authentication

FIDO Authentication: The End of Passwords?

Apple, Google, and Microsoft will expand passwordless sign-in on all platforms. Are you ready for FIDO?
TLS certificate for ATMs

TLS Certificate For Bank ATMs

TLS (Transport Layer Security), is a widely adopted security protocol designed to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over any network. TLS helps secure ATM Machine communication for Banks.
2021 websites

Most Useful Websites Of 2022- BookMark Now

Internet is full of website, there are billions of websites and millions of blog.In-fact there is one blog for every 4 humans in this world.Some share knowledge, some help us to solve our day to day problem, some offer services, utility and so on.If you have a problem, the internet has a solution for it. the last one is my favourite.
wordpress website security

Making WordPress Site – Spam and Hack Proof

Making your wordpress website secure should be your first priority even before you publish your first artcile.
addon domains

When and how to use Cpanel Addon Domain?

Share on whatsapp Share on twitter Share on digg Share on telegram Share on email Table of Contents The Addon domain feature is available with Cpanel Hosting like Linux Shared Hosting or/and Linux based Cpanel Reseller Hosting, which allows you to host multiple or even unlimited domains under a single Cpanel account. We all love Cpanel due to its ease of use and the power to manage your website with full control. However, recently Cpanel has increased the price of the Cpanel license and they have moved their license billing structure from per server to per account. This simply means
malware protection

Malware Protection On Shared Hosting

Website hosted on shared hosting have 70% more chance of getting effected from malware compare to website hosted on dedicated server with fully managed solution. At Netspace, we use Imunify360 to give 100% protection from malware.
global server load balancing

Why You Need Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

GSLB effectively directs traffic based on server location. With the help of this article learn why GSLB is important and how to implement it.

Get Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware protection is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Take a stand against ransomware with netspaceindia – protection program.
free blogging

How To Create A Blog For Free!

Master the art of blogging! This article will help your ideas turn into a blog. Additionally, learn how to promote your blog online with the following easy tips.
sql server version

SQL Server Versions and Different SQL Editions

Let's understand the different editions of SQL versions which include Enterprise Edition (SQL Server EE) for mission-critical applications, enterprise business intelligence, and data warehousing. And SQL Server Standard Edition (SQL Server SE) for basic database, reporting, and analytics capabilities.
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