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Author: Tejaswini

PostgreSQL Vs MySQL

PostgreSQL vs MySQL

To manage data easily, database management systems are developed. Both PostgreSQL and MySQL make database administration flexible and easy to manage.
VPN benefits

List of VPN Benefits: Bolster Your Business And Personal Security Profile

This article will help you understand the benefits of VPN and how it can be advantageous to your business when used correctly. Learn how important is it to have VPN. VPN can bolster your organization's security profile when configured correctly.
Wireless Earbuds

Trending in-ear wireless headphones and Earphones in 2023

What Should We See While Buying Earbuds and Earphones? Design, Price, and Brand are factors generally looked at before purchasing earphones. Overall appearance should be stylish and modern, matching consumers taste. Additionally, it should be budget-friendly and the brand should be well-trusted.
hospital website

How to Build Vibrant Website For Hospital

Thinking to build a website for a hospital ? well An effective hospital website—one that consistently produces measurable results is the doorway to first impression of the hospital.
reseller hosting

How To Increase Income With Reseller Hosting Plans

Sell flexible hosting plans, host unlimited websites, and manage customers seamlessly with this step-by-step guide to start a reseller hosting business.
.in domain name

.in Domain Registration

.com and .in are India's top registered TLDs. Know why .IN Online Identity is Crucial To Your Business!

Understanding Domain Name DNS Records

Share on whatsapp Share on twitter Share on digg Share on telegram Share on email We all know that computers understand only numbers and not human language. Thus, in the digital era computers identify each other with IP address that is unique. So the question is computers don't understand human language how do they understand and load a website which we type in URL? The answer is DNS! In order to bridge the communication gap between humans and computers and make communication easier, engineers developed DNS. As we humans identify each other with names, countries, etc., similarly, in the world
malware virus

The most common types of MALWARE on the Internet

You curiously download free software, click on suspicious pop-up ads, download spam email attachments, or visit malicious websites through spam messages or mail. What next? This article will guide you regarding malware, attacks and how important is digital security in today's digi era.
domain broker

Why Should You Enlist a Domain Broker?

How efficiently do you want your business to make money? So far, the biggest challenge some of us face in business marketing is business instant credibility that puts you in the online marketplace with the largest competitors. And how will you make your online business identity?

Scripting “Hello World” In Different Programming Languages

Hello World is overall used as a rationality test simply to make sure that the used components of a language have been correctly installed. This is needed because the process involved in configuring a complete programming command is lengthy and complex, that is the reason a simple program like Hello World is often used as a first-run test on a new toolchain.
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