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AWS Cloud VS Azure Cloud – Which One Is Leading – 2020

This is the first edition of Cloud Usage Report by Netspace (India), This will help you understand the change in the adoption of the cloud world. The data is collected from a different point source and combined in the form of comparison between two major clouds provide (AWS vs Cloud). This report will help you analyze cloud adoption with real consumption data and trends.
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2020 was an extreme year for everyone around the globe.

That is true in the world of cloud computing too, Numbers are speaking loud and clear between the two giant clouds hosting provider, namely AWS Cloud Hosting Solutions and Azure Cloud.

We will compare the growth compared along the past year and some major services inside cloud solution like compute, AI, Networking and storage through  in detail AWS vs Azure report. 

We will also understand the impact on cloud uses across verticals due to COVID-19 in AWS Cloud and Azure in a major different industry and segments


Know-How factor in the different cloud segment.

Cloud deployment required a fair amount of knowledge and the right a right cloud architect can help you optimise the best in the cloud. 

As last year enterprise has shown the highest maturity in the practice of expert cloud deployment. 

Maturity Along with AWS VS Azure Cloud

We notice a high amount of Cloud Certification in AWS Cloud compare Azure this year.

However, a fair amount of advance user is using both clouds.

We notice a jump in professional user in Azure network showing increasing adoption of Azure Service.

Knowledge Gain across Key Industry

The maturity of the cloud is highest in the financial service provider along with Technology, Media and Telecom sector. 

With healthcare still close behind in terms of knowledge adoption in the cloud platform.

With healthcare standing last and -50% advance user compare to last year.

Which Sector is paying most on which cloud infra?

When it comes to spending in cloud infra, companies in all segment seems to be selecting Azure Cloud compare to AWS.

The Azure growth rate is twice the AWS growth rate across all industry from last 3 years now. 

Azure is also seeing massive growth in the commercial sector as relative to AWS

Azure has taken a mass leap to compare to AWS in commercial and SMB sector, AWS still has massive exposer in SMB sector but with the low market size. 

Comparison of service by consumption.

Compute power still remains the highest used services across all sector with more than 70% cloud spend.  

Where use of Database as service under IaasS is the second highest used service. 

Enterprise is still leading when it comes to spending on security. 

We have also seen an increase in spending over Analytics and emerging services like AI by enterprise majorly in Azure compare AWS. 


When it comes to computing power AWS is leading the ground here. Where storage is taken clearly by Azure. 

Optimising cost and saving (Waste Calculation)

Did you know, managing cloud infra in a correct way can save up to 10-15%?

Cloud resources wastage is a constant issue and Netspace (India) help control this wastage.   

higher provision of resources is a bad habit which still continues in all major sector. 

Database and compute is two of the most over-allocated resources in all sector. 

Rightsizing continues effort when it comes to any hardware allocation. 

Luckily, in the cloud world, you have the power to manage your resources with full capacity.

Impact Of Covid

Covid impact on cloud uses has seen a mixed impact. 

We have compared the growth of the cloud from the previous year in different sectors. 


Impact On Manufacturing And Retail

The manufacturing sector has reacted the most when it comes to cloud infrastructure investment. 

At the peak of covid 19 impacts, we have seen a decline of 49% compared to 2019 uses by manufacturing and retail. 

Impact On Health Care On Cloud Uses

Health care was in focus around the globe by everyone. 

The research area in the health care sector was doing everything possible to find the vaccine for covid-19. 

still, covid-19 seemed to have a downward impact on cloud uses trend even in health care sector. 

Media, technology and telecom sector.

Unbeaten growth, this the word I will choose when it comes to cloud adoption in this sector. 

The largest growth in this sector is seen in Q-on-Q, Due to high requirements of WFH trend and digital adoption.

Financial Services

When it comes to cloud spending the financial sector did respond with mix feeling. 

spend was lowest in Feb 2020 but the quick turnaround was noted thereafter in financial sctor. 

Consumption of computing service in the cloud.

Compute power still lead when it comes to cloud uses. 

Call it VM or EC2, compute still rule. 

AWS Compute Service

99% of computing spend in AWS is EC2 across all segment. 

When it comes to non-EC2 compute spend, Lambda uses is highest in the SMB sector and Container as services come after that in Enterprise. 

Azure Compute Service

When it comes to Azure there is low adoption of container service. 

Azure also notice >50% Paas Spend compare to last year.

Consumption of storage service.

Object Storage is having the highest demand when it comes to cloud storage requirement. 

And companies are working hard to provide a better and flexible storage type in cloud storage service. 

AWS S3 Object storage has several types of s3 which help you optimise cost and azure is full of features when it comes to Azure storage explorer.  

AWS Storage Service

AWS S3 storage service continues to grow Y-O-Y with high adoption is seen on Elastic File Services (EFS) by enterprise and commercial segments. 

However, the data transfer cost is a key concern area for AWS customers when it comes to cloud storage. 

Azure Storage

Extended cloud storage and backup is a key point when it comes to Azure storage.  

I hope that this report provides you insight data across different industry, segments and cloud services which will help you do better planing your cloud journey.

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Shashi kant Pandidhar

I’ve been helping businesses to be online for over 15 years. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age.

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