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How to Build Vibrant Website For Hospital

Thinking to build a website for a hospital ? well An effective hospital website—one that consistently produces measurable results is the doorway to first impression of the hospital.
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hospital website

Building an effective website for the hospital is a challenging and time-taking operation as it requires building trust with the visitors as a designer your focus should be on patients, friends, families, and expected patients. And for this, you need an engaging, welcoming, and trust-building website that provides all the detailed information about your services, facilities, physicians, and quality response to the visitors coming up with any query. 

On the other side, it could be an easy step for digital transformation, digital marketing, and creating an online identity of your hospital website as well. 

But to design it from 0 to launch you will surely need an expert in the web development field only if you miss our guidelines to create a website in an epic way!

To design your hospital website with a professional touch, scroll down the following important tips.


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Why do you need a website for your hospital?

Before building any base, you should be confirmed with a motto to design it. Likewise, before creating a website you need to figure out your target audience and the reason why your audience should consider it. 

In our case, the Hospital Website Should Attract Patients and Work as a Marketing Machine.

Domain Name for hospital website

The domain name is an online identity for your brand and hence, you should choose the right one. There are steps from choosing the right domain name to maintaining it.

Moreover, there are various gTLDs available in the market ranging from every profession to skills.

Similarly, for hospitals we provide  .Hospital domain TLD which gives freedom to have a more direct approach to your online brand and the field you are in. 

A .hospital domain name can be booked from our domain registration page.


TLD's Available For Healthcare Industry


.hospital is here for healthy web presence

Searching for a healthy online presence?

Make .hospital available to diagnose the injuries and serve online to all types of healthcare.

.hospital can fulfill this requirement, especially when you want to deliver precise and authentic health services and information online.


.care domain name for extra consideration

From health care institutions, medical charities, health care centers, ayurvedic centers, charity centers, to therapist .care will make people find you easily online and offline.

.spa to boost your wellness community

This generic extension is mainly dedicated to wellness centres.

.spa will highlight your business by extremely promoting your commitment towards relaxation, health care, wellness, masseurs, aroma specialist, which is upmost important for spa business.

Find appropriate web address with .clinic domain

Given a thought of opening your dreamed clinic on the web? 

Who all can register .clinic:

  • healthcentres
  • public health clinic
  • hospital clinic
  • family planning clinic
  • private clinic
  • veterinary clinic
  • medical provides
  • pharmacists
  • polyclinic
  • nursing homes
  • medical practitioners

People looking for specific solutions regarding challenging illness can easily find you with your web address. 

.skin for online facial recognition

Make your online presence simple and memorable! Why to clutter into something big when you can make it easy for patients?

Whether you’re an influencer, skin brand, dermatologist, skin care product line, cosmetic business, skincare magazine business, esthetician business, eco-friendly beauty saloon, anti-aging service, or hair removing centre, .skin is the perfect online destination to leverage your business.

Why .diet domain name?

Let your visitors know you and understand you more quickly.

.diet makes them easily catch with what you are offering. Especially suitable for nutritionist, dieticians, health care courses, nutrition coach, health and fitness centre, weight loss camps, or health consulting center.

.doctor a new online destination

Why not register .doctor, when a doctor is a part of your business name!

Just put your title name before the dot so that patients can remember and search you easily. You can enlist your research papers, presentations, publications, credentials, specialisation, detailed activities of your committee or association. So, when anyone asks you about vocation you can easily send them your online address! 

Fill more cavities with .dentist domain

Finding a web address that fits your profession is easier than ever.

.dentist is for those who want to treat more patients and provide online awareness to the existing ones. Get a professional and meaningful online address for dentists, dental suppliers, or ortho.

Transplant more organs with .surgery

.surgery is a perfect domain name for:

  • Surgeons
  • Surgical equipment provider
  • Surgical clothing provider
  • Surgical supplies
  • Surgical association

Let patients find you easily and expand your passion-profession with .surgery!

Build a heathy practice with .healthcare domain

Whether running a health industry or health economy, having a direct effect on the quality of work matters and embarks a positive impact. 

Who can choose .healthcare:

  • Ayurvedic centers
  • Rehabilitative centers
  • Diagnosis centers
  • Meditation centers
  • Wellness centers
  • Practitioners in dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, allied health, chiropractic, nursing, and other health care providers.

Booking a .SCIENCE domain name

With .science you can offer scientific information, tips, videos, and related products of your research. Whether you’re a publisher, scientist, theorist, blogger, or teacher this is the perfect domain name for you.

Web Hosting for hospital website

For hosting a website you’ll require a hosting service provider to get your website live on the internet so that people can access it. 

With help of hosting services, you can manage website performance, response time, speed time, domain-associated email services, technical support, and enhance website security.

When it comes to web hosting for hospitals, I will recommend only two options Linux Hosting (Corporate plan ) or if your website is designed on a WordPress platform then go for WordPress hosting

Why you may ask? Well, because a hospital website should be available 24×7 and must use the best hardware available in the industry just like the instruments used in the hospitals. 

Because your website should be faster and 100% protected from any kind of malware or viruses. 

Choose attractive and meaningful templates

Knowing this is a hospital website, considering cost, quality, choose a template that is flexible and reliable. 

Analyze to check the response time, customization support, template provider, SEO friendly templates, 

Themeforest provides multiple templates with all tailored features. Especially for hospital website templates, they have created these iconic templates for easy customization, medical dashboard, ready-to-use applications and pages, appointment doorway, health reports, etc. 

Top 3 hospital website templates - Worpdress

Design, graphics, colors, consistency, and usability make a website visually appealing.

For the credibility of a business, website design is the number one determining factor!


Medicare offers a wide range of medical services templates. They have designed 15  (Clinic, Cardiology, Surgery, Dentist, Optometrist, Laboratory, General Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery, Pediatric Clinic, Veterinary,  Psychiatric, and Physiatrist + Clinic RTL, Cardiology RTL, and Surgery RTL) Medicare ready-to-use templates made for a range of medical specialties to save your time and make it easy for you to have a website ready in no time.

Latest WordPress version compatibility

Work with latest wordpress version. 

Best Design For

Clinic, Doctor/Cardiology practice, Surgery, Dental services, Optometrist practice, Medical Laboratory,General Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery, Pediatric Clinic, veterinary practice, Psychiatrist practice, Physiatrist / Chiropractic.

Supported :

WPML, WooCommerce, W3 Total Cache and Yoast

Why Medicare?

  • They offer a professionally designed premium WordPress theme with all its features
  • Responsive Layout
  • 15 templates ready for importing using the built-in One-Click import functionality in the WordPress admin panel
  • Cost Calculator Plugin
  •  A Premium Page Body Builder for WordPress

To know more visit the Medicare Themeforest template.


MediCenter is an ultimate WordPress health care theme specially designed for health care institutions, clinics, hospitals, doctors, and everyone involved in health services.

Click to zoom

Why MediCenter?

  • Responsive Layout
  • Slider revolution/ retina ready

  • Smart sticky columns/ custom headers

  • Time table built-in feature
  • Drag-drop page builder
  • Color scheme manager
  • Plenty of content layout options
  • Woo-commerce integration

To know more visit the MediCenter Themeforest template.


Healthflex is a responsive and feature-rich theme designed for building websites in the Medical, Health, and Beauty sector.

HEALTHFLEX themeforest
Click to zoom

Why Healthflex?

  • Built on the solid framework for WordPress, Redux for extensive theme options,
  • Powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin,
  • WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce,
  • Drag & drop page builder,
  • Translation ready and built with compatible with WPML multilingual plugin,
  • ECWID shopping cart plugin,
  • Seamless integration with Google MapsTwitter, and Flickr APIs.
  • Parallax Backgrounds and Video Backgrounds,
  • Lightbox functionality

To know more visit the Healthflex Themeforest template.

Important Points you should consider while designing!

Important points that you should consider while getting an online identity for your hospital website are:


Focus on Content

Your website will be listed as valuable only when you’ve informative content. Ensure your content is easy to read and understand. Enlist all the informative data that visitor wants is available with trouble-free clicks.

User Interactive & Mobile-friendly

Your design should be high in functionality and usability. Visitors should not find it hard to navigate. Needful details should be available with easy clicks.

Not sure how to start? Netspace can help with website assessment, website consultation, and recommendations for your website.

SEO For Success

Integrate SEO to each page of your website. 

Scrutinize website pages created with no attempt to help users or without any beneficial purpose are rated low in Google’s ranking. High traffic generates a high ranking which eventually results in more revenue. 

You may consider outsourcing your SEO work as it requires special skills and it’s a continuous effort as google algorithms keep changing from time to time.

Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Use high-quality positive-imaginary content.

To target audiences make use of ads, pay-per-click ads, social media ads, make it easy for them to book appointments, chatbots to solve queries in order to attract your brand and to connect with your audience. 

Try conducting health seminars, free check-ups, and open blood banks. This way you can serve the community’s needs and spread awareness.

Update your Content

Scrutinize your content regularly. It is always about regularly updating and removing irrelevant data. Irrelevant data might impact search results.

Update your campaigns, yearly checkups, blood donation camps, seminars, latest news, etc., regularly on the portal.

Allow Patients to Book an Appointment from Online Portal

This is the best way to assure your availability to customers. Maybe to book appointments, connect to customer portals, share confidential email or chat, or solve their queries online. 

You can also arrange online consultation with a doctor through video conferencing.



Any website aims the visitor to buy, sell, order, or use the services may it be calling a doctor! An experienced UI designer and web developer can ease this task by correctly placing each widget and information at its place to achieve this goal.

A well-designed website can provide detailed information to patients as well as potential partners. 

A well-designed website can provide detailed information to patients as well as potential partners. 

  1. Online Registration System
  2. Admission, discharge, Transfer, billing, etc., reports on patients portal.
  3. Online consultation with doctor through video calls.
  • A detailed list of services,
  • Detailed location/ address of hospital/ clinic,
  • Online appointment portal,
  • 24*7 Online chatbot to communicate or solve patients queries,
  • Emergency calling services,
  • Informative blogs,
  • Description information about the specialist 
  • Open, working, and closing hours,
  • Information about the doctors,
  • Feedback form


I’m translating complex technical ideas into concise, business-oriented content and storylines! I ensure every article we publish is EPIC. My team and I help people better understand their search.

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