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Category: CDN Hosting

This guy controll his Tesla car with AWS Cloud

Ok, Who says Geek’s don’t have fun. Well, guys and girl meet Tim Dorr  did the original heavy lifting to reverse engineer the API and come out with the first Ruby library. While Tesla has not released a public API for developers to date, that does not stop one from hacking on the car anyway. Over the weekend Tim put together a working prototype with many of my favorite technologies, including: a drone, Golang, an Amazon Echo, AWS Lambda, and, of course, a Tesla Model S. Tim started this as a fun weekend project, but there are a lot of security issues

CDN Hosting India – Inside Study Of Content Delivery Network (CDN) in India

Looking for CDN Hosting India? With over 20 CDN providers around the world and 5 in India, we have the largest network of CDN India Hosting.