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Category: Database

PostgreSQL Vs MySQL

PostgreSQL vs MySQL

To manage data easily, database management systems are developed. Both PostgreSQL and MySQL make database administration flexible and easy to manage.
sql server version

SQL Server Versions and Different SQL Editions

Let's understand the different editions of SQL versions which include Enterprise Edition (SQL Server EE) for mission-critical applications, enterprise business intelligence, and data warehousing. And SQL Server Standard Edition (SQL Server SE) for basic database, reporting, and analytics capabilities.
database migration

Guide : Database Migration

We at netspaceindia understand the importance of the database and that people do shift from technology to technology. Database migration is a vital operation within any enterprise, and failure can be catastrophic.

Debug : AWS High CPU Load on MySQL – AWS, Amazon RDS

Amazon cloud hosting services is a really amazing platform, however, you should have in-depth knowledge of technical know-how to Manage AWS cloud hosting.
MySQL server has gone awayError

Solve MySQL server has gone away while importing large SQL file in 4 easy steps

The most common reason for MySQL server has gone away are closed connection and server timed out. Lets learn how to fix them in 4 easy steps
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