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Category: Hardware

Best Laptops for Employees

Best laptops for employees to make your work life easier

To be an employee in the 21st century requires gadgets that keep you right on track and your progress unmatched. Lets look into different type of laptop in India which can be best laptops for employees and what makes good balance between performance and cost.
Wireless Earbuds

Trending in-ear wireless headphones and Earphones in 2023

What Should We See While Buying Earbuds and Earphones? Design, Price, and Brand are factors generally looked at before purchasing earphones. Overall appearance should be stylish and modern, matching consumers taste. Additionally, it should be budget-friendly and the brand should be well-trusted.
nvidia rtx a500

NVIDIA’s RTX A5000 Graphics Card Revealed!

Nvidia's RTX A5000 Graphics Card is the ideal balance of reliability, power, and performance and emphasizes 24 GB of GPU memory to manage complicated workflows.
top selling wireless keyboard in india

Top 8 Selling Wireless Keyboards – In India

A great wireless keyboard can help you type faster and more comfortably and reduce clutter on your desk, make it more cleaner giving a tidy look by overcoming wired connections. Wireless keyboard is accessible on your tablet, computer, TV, and phone. So, this mobility feature makes person move anywhere within the connectivity range and operate machine easily.
best keyboards

Top 7 Selling Keyboards – Which One is The Best for You?

Are you a gamer or creator? Among plenty of keyboards available in the market, here are the top 7 selling keyboards loved by many gamers and creators worldwide.
nvidia tesla v100 - most powerful GPU

Nvidia Tesla V100 – Buy Now – The Most Powerful GPU In The World

Nvidia Tesla V100 is the most advanced GPU processor built to pace the AI, HPC, and graphics workload. It can create a revolution by solving most world's challenges and minimising scientists’ and researchers' work.
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