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How to Check TLS Verison – Linux

To check which version of TLS version is supported in your Linux Machine, enter following command: openssl ciphers -v | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq The above command should print output with TLS and SSL version supported. 

How To Monitor Disk I/O On Windows Server

ftp port numbers

What is Active and Passive FTP port on server

Active and Passive FTP are the two different modes of an FTP server that can be placed in default mode by the administrator. Understand the difference and learn how to enable the passive port range for Pure-FTPd.

How is Load Balancer Related To High Availability

Seeing to the current era, we all know the tough market competition that makes every company bother for their existence. With the growing demand in the IT market, people are also looking for reliable infrastructures. While thinking this, don't you feel that High Availability plays a vital role even in the cloud server environment? The answer to this is, of course, affirmative. People tend to think that when in cloud they may not need load balancer but do remmber every cloud provider including AWS cloud service provider do provide a load balancer service and there is a reason behind it. With the growing

How to install GitLab in easy way

  Looking for administering tools that would make your managing activities simpler ??? GitLab is one of the latest tools that can give you a sigh of a cool breeze.the question of but is raised up here. This works great in the open source software but issue rises in the closed source software, moreover, you may not really want to trust a third party server. So, what should be actually done to take the benefit of BitBucket without reaching to the third party server. The article on How to install GitLab makes it easy for you. Go for GitLab. This provides

Explanaition of the CDN – understanding CDN Infographical

It is estimated that over 2.5 million websites accross the web already use CDNs. Predictions state that 55% of the global internet traffic will cross content delivery networks by 2018. Infographic above explain everything you want to know Aabout CDN

“mark as unread” – WhatsApp new feature

The updated version of WhatsApp for Android comes with a feature that will allow users to mark a message as 'unread'. A user will have to tap and hold the conversation in the 'chats' tab and select the 'mark as unread' option. After that, a 'green' circle will appear on the conversation, serving as a visual reminder to reply later

Google is ambitious to put 20 Million Indian small and medium businesses on internet in upcoming 2 years

The giant search engine Google is ambitious to put 20 million Indian small and medium businesses (SMBs) on internet by 2017 through its mobile app named Google My Business (GMB), Rajan Anandan, VP and Managing Director, Google South East Asia and India told reporters on May 26, 2015. If we look at the figures, there are around 51 million Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in India. However, less than 3 million (5-6%) are currently online. Google targets to bring 20 million (40% of) small and medium businesses (SMBs) online in next two years. This target to be achieved with Google My

Understanding pulse : How to use linkedin pulse

I guess I do not require to explain what the ‘LinkedIn’ is but I am sure ‘Pulse’ would have grabbed your sight and attention here! So, let me tell you something about the Pulse in my today’s talk. Initially Pulse was designed for Apple IPad in 2010 as a tool of writing, later its Android, IPhone and IPad versions was made available for users. In 2012, its web version was launched and that was the revolution.  Not wasting time in its history let me tell the important fact for that I am writing this blog post today! In 2013, well-known

Turning off magic quotes in six easy steps

Turning off magic quotes magic_quotes_gpc Magic Quotes is a process that automatically breaks away the incoming data to the PHP script. Thus, it is always suggested to code with the Magic Quotes off and to instead escape the data at runtime. Many Open Source Software programs like Drupal, Joomla require magic_quotes_gpc to be turned off. In this article, we will be describing the detail steps on how to turn off magic_quotes_gpc. How to turn off magic_quotes_gpc Step 1: Login into your cPanel Step 2: Go to the File Manager, Select your public_html directory and press GO Step 3: Open your php.ini with
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