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CDN Hosting India – Inside Study Of Content Delivery Network (CDN) in India

Netspaceindia / CDN Hosting  / CDN Hosting India – Inside Study Of Content Delivery Network (CDN) in India

CDN Hosting India – Inside Study Of Content Delivery Network (CDN) in India

Recently one of our customers came to us for setting up servers with following challenges:

  1. C10k problem (10,ooo Concurrent users).
  2. CDN Deployment.
  3. Server and CDN Hosting should be in India (Basically CDN HOSTING INDIA).


The server architecture was successfully applied and deployed, We will discuss all the challenges one by one bellow.

  1.   C10k problem and CDN Hosting Deployment In India: 

Let me first explain you what is CDN? the content delivery network has a data centre at a different geographical location and when your site is using a CDN network, and a reader opens your site, your files (Images, static files) are served from the nearest server of CDN network you are using. This reduces the ping, latency and thus your site serves faster. In our recent Google website, ranking factor  article speed of a website played an important role.  This is the first and prime benefit of using a CDN.

In another word,  your content is copied on different servers located in the different region. A Good CDN service will have multiple nodes (Edge Server) in different locations. When you are serving your WordPress or any other Website file using a content delivery Network, you are technically saving the time of your readers and reducing the server load, as files will be served from nearest servers, not the original server.

Now, coming back to our C10k problem, the biggest challenge in Indian Datacenter is that they come with 10 MBPS line (until you are ready to pay for dedicated line, which is around 2k / MB / Month), As the cost was Concerns we could not have a dedicated line for all different location, So we deployed different nodes in different location of India which acted as CDN Edge, located in Banglore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai with PUSH Nodes.

What is push nodes in CDN?

There is basically two type of CDN technology, Push and Pull. We are using PUSH CDN here, All static data like images, videos, PDFs files are stored directly into CDN Disk, So when a customer requests any static content it will directly deliver from CDN Nodes and no processing is required by the main server. This made us one step closer to our C10k Problem and serving website faster for Indian users.

CDN Hosting India


The next big thing we did was to install SSD drive for all our Edge location and the main server, making reading / writing in disk almost 60% faster, Read how SSD work here.

When we have our CDN, Servers with SSD drive are in place the next quick tweak was DNS management. 95% of hoster in India uses the server as their DNS management services, but this give your server one more task for handling, So we decided to use our own domain level DNS management system to host DNS entries.

2.  All Server should be India:  

There is CDN provider like CloudFlare, Which provide CDN Nodes but none of them are located in India (See Map
Of CloudFlare CDN Network Map
) another challenge was a company who provide CDN service in India have a highcdn india
error rate and most of the datacenter have a maximum of two location in India so we deployed our own server in 7 different location. Which helped us to deploy CDN in India with minimum error rate.

This infographic will explain you about CDN Hosting India Work. It doesn’t matter how big or small your site is, using a Content delivery network service will surely help to boost your site load time and server response. The only hard part for a newbie is setting CDN Hosting up but feel free to contact us for making your website faster.


 Note : In this article, we have explained CDN Hosting deployment in India for solving C10k problem there are other technologies in an original deployment like load balancing and Database A-B deployment which we will be talking about in our upcoming post.   

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