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How To Choose Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

Domain name is an identification string or an address of the website which people browse to access any website in URL, hence, it should be unique and easy-to-remember. Domain name is important because it gives your business instant credibility and helps to develop online brand in the market.
Domain name

If you are reading this article chances are you have already decided to set your step into the digital world.

Opting the perfect domain name is an essential task.

No matter what type of website you want to build or you just buying a domain name for an investment. 

(Yes, People do make money by choosing a domain name and then sell it at higher price. This is called domain investing.)

So, how to choose that perfect domain for your upcoming website?  

People get stuck in the designing part of the website and tend to completely forget about the domain name selection that is usually the initial stage seen and remembered by the audiences or readers. 

Domain name for your website will be the unique identity and will remain the same for the rest of the digital life. Therefore, you have to pick a classic domain name that you can live with from the beginning. 

You need to be picky when it comes to domain name.

Do proper research and if possible hire a professional, no matter what services you are going to sell on the Web, your website domain name will certainly affect your brand.

It’s absolutely not a hard thing to select a proper name/identity for your online business to run successfully. Even a good domain name can also help Increase website traffic

Let us explore all the step a professional will follow to suggest his client to choose a perfect domain name.

Guideline To Choose A Perfect Domain Name

Keep it Short and Simple

First and foremost always remember to to keep the domain name short with less than 10 characters.

Keeping a short name helps users to remember the name.

Although, these days it is incredibly hard to get the domain names that are short in generic TLD like .com or .NET.

But don’t worry, I have a solution for you. Look for other TLD’s like .city, .co or .blog there  are 100’s of type of TLD’s available to register from.

Even Google confirms that alternative gTLDs do not directly affect a website’s search rankings. 

Thus, remember the shorter the domain name, it is easier for visitors to remember, type and tell others about.

When the name gets too long it probably gets confusing and it can be easily mistyped, in the browser or while sharing.

Keywords are Magic!

The real challenge for a professional domain name suggester is to get a domain name which is short and also contain important keyword in the domain name. 

Having keywords in the domain name that describes your site is always a good deal.

Basically, a domain name should hint the nature of your product or services you offer.

A good domain name should describe exactly what your site is about or/and what the services you are going to offer.

It is important for the first-time visitor to get an idea of what the website is about just by looking at the domain name.

Moreover, if you are able to get high volume keyword domain, you could hit a jackpot of traffic. 

Let us get some more detail about “The Power of Keyword Domains” from google webmaster YouTube video below.

Avoid Fancy and Misspelled Domain Names

We have discussed that it is always better to choose a name that is not lengthy and confusing so that the visitors should not find it hard in remembering.

Although, at the same time, do not be in pressure to buy misspelled competitor or dictionary name.

If you misspelled it thinking it is cool does not mean other people think the same way. 

So, remember to keep it simple.

One final advice is to avoid using acronyms, dashes or other symbols in the domain name as they may confuse the first-time visitors.

Once you have decided that perfect domain name to register, the next step will be to register a domain name

Go to the link above and check intently if your dream name is still available to register.  

Let me know your perfect domain name idea in the comments below. 

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Shashi kant Pandidhar

Shashi kant Pandidhar

I’ve been helping businesses to be online for over 15 years. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age.

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How To Choose Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

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How To Choose Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

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