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You Choose the Clouds. We’ll Manage Them for You.

We support and manage the world’s leading cloud platforms, saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

Why Cloud Computing?

People who understand traditional module of web hosting understands the bottleneck of the traditional technology.

However, It’s not important that every website goes online should go for cloud hosting and to understand this, You must understand what is cloud computing and when you need a cloud managed services?

At Netspace (India) We provide Managed Cloud Solution  under the following technology. 

Netspace (India)The Journey of Managed Cloud

Most of the time, Salesforce.com‘s Marc Benioff is credited with inventing the new cloud model for delivering software via the Web. But Larry Ellison, who once famously denounced the term

cloud computing,” is now standing up to take credit for the concept.

But for me It’s like who invented the wheel ? does it matter? Yes, It matters because whomsoever invented wheels deserved a standing ovation for as long as possible.

As a technology service provider, the invention of cloud computing is not less than the invention of the wheel in the real world around us.

Cloud computing started getting my attention when we heard Jeff Bezos story about Amazon back in 2013. 

It was then we started converting NetSpace (India) from standard web hosting company in mumbai to a global web cloud and compute technology company.

What is cloud computing & How cloud managed services changing the face of cloud hosting in india
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison speaking at OpenWorld 2012

And we started working and getting certification on AWS Cloud first and then Google Cloud and even Azure Cloud Computing so we can provide cloud managed services to our customers here in India.

After that, there was no looking back in terms of cloud computing and cloud managed services provider in India.

And guess what ??

From there even big cloud computing service provider started looking towards India as a big potential market and all major cloud service provider jumped into cloud hosting services in India like   AWS, launched its data centres in Mumbai followed by Azure and Google.

But with all those clouds computing around, traditional dedicated servers are still being used as a preferred hosting infrastructure in India (That is the reason we have developed the biggest datacenter tie-ups in India ).

The major reason behind this was lack of cloud managed services provider in India, and here Netspaceindia stands apart from our traditional web hosting provider.

Why You Need Cloud Managed Services in India?

In simple word, because you need an expert to get full benefits of cloud computing or cloud hosting services in India. 

It’s not just another simple dedicated server hosting your website, Cloud computing work best when it is custom designed for your application out there.

No matter if you are using AWS, Azure or even our own designed private cloud in your or our datacenter in India, believe me, you need to have best to get best even from the best technology out there called Cloud Computing.

Get in touch with us, So we can provide you with a better solution for your own public or private cloud requirement. 

With over decades of expertise, Netspaceindia has an unparallel understanding of the top web technologies. Our team understand exactly what a company need to do.

We can analyse your requirements and challenges to provide you with a bespoke recommendation regarding which services you are able to benefit from.

What type of Cloud Computing can be used in India?

Cloud computing is usually explained in two ways. Either based on the cloud type, or on the service that the cloud is offering.

Based on a cloud computing type, we can  further classify cloud hosting as:


  • public cloud
  • private cloud
  • hybrid cloud
  • community cloud

Based on a Service that the Cloud Computing is offering, we are speaking cloud services as :

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  • or, Storage, Database, Information, Process, Application, Integration, Security, Management, Testing-as-a-service and so on.
cloud hosting india

When we speak about public cloud we imply that the entire computing infrastructure is situated on the assumptions of a cloud computing firm that gives the cloud support. {The place stays, thus, independent from the client and he’s got no physical control over the infrastructure.}

As public clouds utilize shared resources, they do shine largely in performance but can also be most vulnerable to several attacks. If not designed properly. (One of the reasons why you need Cloud Managed Services)

private cloud means having a cloud infrastructure (system) exclusively by a single customer/organization. It isn’t shared with other people, yet it’s remotely situated. {If the cloud is externally hosted. } The businesses have a choice of picking an on-premise private cloud or servers too.

The safety and management level is greatest while using a personal network. Still, the price reduction may be minimal, if the business should put money into an on-premise private cloud infrastructure.

For instance, public cloud may be used to interact with clients, while maintaining their information procured via a private cloud.

cloud managed services

Now let’s talk about cloud as services that will be either infrastructure, platform, software, or storage. 

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), eventually, means that consumers can get various software programs on a pay-per-use basis. Rather than purchasing licensed programs, frequently extremely expensive.

Examples of these services include broadly used GMail, or Google Docs.


The lengthier list will comprise Storage as a service (STaaS), Security as a service (SECaaS), Data as an agency (DaaS), Test environment as a service (TEaaS), Desktop as an agency (DaaS), API for a service (APIaaS).
As Soon as You have understood the Kinds of cloud computing systems, according to services and location, the most important thing is to Choose the Best Kind of cloud and service, for a Particular task.