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#Best Practice Applied to Your AWS Cloud

AWS Managed Services For India

We make AWS infra ready to use, with pre-installed software and application as per your requirements through our AWS Managed solution.

managed aws services

AWS Managed Solutions

Netspace™ (India) AWS-managed cloud solution delivery model is centered around building blocks of our client environments, with a series of version-controlled processes from which we can deploy quickly and consistently.

Minimize Monthly Bills

According to statistics, customers spend 30% more on unused cloud resources.

Compliance Management

We stand by our customer compliance requirements while designing cloud architecture.

AWS Best Practices

Follow Security Best Practices as You Configure Your AWS Resources by certified engineers

Right Size Resources

Dynamically manage the load by installing load balance between servers or cloud resources.

1-2-1 Consulting

Each customer is different, so is the requirement and we offer the best-dedicated consultation.

Certified Support

Add an extra layer above our expert experience with our certified engineers in the AWS cloud.

How It Work?

We have a well-defined process to Managed AWS cloud infrastructure for our customers. To make sure everything stays as per compliance. 

Get In Touch

The first small step is to get in touch with our AWS expert.

AWS Managed Cloud Solutions.

From developing a detailed AWS plan to performing the test and providing a full report, Netspace (India) has the expertise to help improve an organization’s security position with the best industry standards and practices.

AWS Migration Service

A one time solution for moving your servers in and out from AWS cloud.

5000 /resources
  • Upto 2 hrs of migration support
  • Data integrity test
  • 1 resource (ec2/rds)

AWS Managed Infra

Designed for live application which required continues management.

15000 /Month
  • Cost optimization
  • Backup Management
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Load Balancer
  • RDS Setup and monitoring
  • Kubernetes (EKS)
  • VPN Setup
  • Firewall Hardening
  • Infrasture Monitoring
  • 30 Hours of expert hours

AWS Devops+

DevOps model enables your developers to grow more efficient at driving business results.

25000 /Month
  • Cost optimization
  • Backup Management
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Load Balancer
  • RDS Setup and monitoring
  • Kubernetes (EKS)
  • VPN Setup
  • Firewall Hardening
  • Infrasture Monitoring
  • CI / CD pipelines structure
  • Workflows Automation
  • 60 Hours of expert hours

Frequently Asked Questions

However, here is some repetitive question we came along with our customers. 


AWS Managed solution is like hiring an expert to manage your cloud infra hosted with AWS (Amazon Web Services )

Some of the most managed AWS infra are EC2, S3, SES and load balancer.

There are three plans available under AWS Managed Solution. 

The cost of managing AWS infra depend upon your current load. 

No, EC2 itself is not a managed solution. You need to configure the hardware and software as per you requirements. 

The biggest advantage is the subject matter expert in your project. 

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