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The Complete List of datacenter in India. Where do you want to host today ?

Datacenter are the heart of the internet. 
Every bit of information is coming from some server, seating in some datacenter of the world. 

As more and more datacenter are opening up, India is catching up with the world at high pace. 

More and more datacenters are opening up in India, And we at Netspace (India) are trying to give our customer more and more option due to world class infrastructure are opening up in India.

data centers in india

With 400+ datacenter in the world, India is sharing 9% of market cap in terms of capacity.
During 2015-16 as operators began to turn fresh ground for new datacentre as Government of India pushes Digital India and made in India concept.

Major of datacenters in India, are build around major city of India. 
Like Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Banglore & Chennai, but the list is not stoping here. 

Here is the list of datacenter location In India, Where we can provide you service for.

List Of Datacenter Hosting Service In India

Mumbai Datacenter

Mumbai Datacenter

There are around 14 datacenters location available in Mumbai Datacenter.


Nashik Datacenter

There is only 1 datacenter location available in Nashik Datacenter.

list of datacenter in navi mumbai

Navi Mumbai

There is 3 datacenters location available in Navi Mumbai.

The Complete List of datacenter in India. Where do you want to host today ?

New Delhi & NCR

There is 12 datacenters location available in New Delhi & NCR

Kochi Datacenter

Cochin Datacenter

There is 3 datacenters location available in Cochin.

You can reach to us to help you setup following services in the above location.

  1. Suites :
    Datacenter Suites offer a stable, efficient platform on which to build your personalised data centerz deployment. Private suites offer your business autonomy and control of your IT requirements
  2. Cages:
    Cage colocation is a fully customizable solution that allows you to license a secure area of any data centers, enabling your ideal space, security and deployment configuration within the secure confines of a floor to ceiling enclosure.
    We work closely with you and any datacenter in India and in every step of the way—from designing an efficient layout to ensuring on-time delivery of cabling and power—to make sure all your needs are met.
  3. Rack Cabinets:
    A rack server, also called a rack-mounted server, is a computer dedicated to use as a server and designed to be installed in a framework called a rack Cabinets.
    The rack  cabinets contain multiple mounting slots called bays, each designed to hold a hardware unit secured in place with screws. So, Basically, if you want to co-locate your server you may have to hire rack cabinets.
  4. Dedicated Servers :
    This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organisations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware.
  5. Virtual Servers :
    A server, usually a Web server, that shares computer resources with other virtual servers. Largely known as VPS Hosting.

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