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The Complete List Of Datacenter In India

With 400+ datacenter in the world, India is sharing 9% of market cap in terms of capacity. During 2015-16 as operators began to turn fresh ground for new datacenter as Government of India pushes Digital India and made in India concept.
Major of datacenters in India, are build around major city of India. Like Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Banglore & Chennai, but the list is not stoping here.
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Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra East datacenter

Datacenter are the heart of the internet. 
Every bit of information is coming from some server, seating in some datacenter of the world. 

As more and more datacenter are opening up, India is catching up with the world at a high pace. 

More and more data centers are opening up in India, And we at Netspace (India) are trying to give our customer more and more option due to world-class infrastructure is opening up in India.

Datacenters In Inda

Data Center Topology

Before you select a data Center, you must understand the different topology of datacenter know-how. 

I have listed some of the most critical points you must consider before pining down your datacenter. 

Power & Backup (N+)

Data centers should have the systems to maintain uptime in the event of a system failure with right equipment in place a good DC will provide you with continuous power supply.

and some data center in India is better prepared than others.

A data center with a primary system (N) (Normally a power supply provided by the local grid) and one backup power system (1) can avoid downtime during planned or unplanned power outages.

DC which provide 2  power system which is always active is called (2N) which dramatically improve uptime.

A-side and B-side power distribution systems provide similar redundancy for the entire facility.


A common Power system control point with one additional device in the event of a device failure


DC over here have 2 complete power system paths that are always active to minimize downtime


As the name suggests it has 2 complete system paths just like 2N + more backup equipment is available.

Understanding Tier's

Tier’s is a method to standardise redundancy, Companies like  Uptime Institute provides third-party verification of data center tiers certification.

Most of the datacenter in India are TIER 3 Certified but we also have TIER 4 DC in India.

Now, That we have basic knowledge on topology used in datacenter, let us move ahead and understand the services data centers in India does provide. 

Datacenters Services In India

Indian Datacenters provide all and up to the mark services just like any other DC in the world. 

These services are :

Colocation Services

A colocation facility or as some people call it colo.

Colo is a data center facility (provided with most of the DC in India) is a service in which a company/individual can rent physical space for servers and other computing hardware.

The DC provides the building infra, cooling system, power and backup, bandwidth and physical security, while the customer provides servers and storage.

The Datacenter charge you for space. 

Fun Fact Of Colocation In India

Expected annual growth rate
Expected annual growth rate of the colo market 45%
80% of enterprises
will have shut down their traditional data center by 2025 80%
Expected size of the global colo market by the end of 2022
$ 51 Billion Dollar
Over 50% of globally utilized racks will be located off-premises by 2024
According to 451 Research

Suites and Cages

Suites are a datacenter inside a datacenter, You can also refer it as private data center suites.

Netspace (India) does provide Data Center Suites services to financial service providers India as a part of our banking solutions.

Suites are flexible and can be easily modified according to your specifications, including high-density cabinets, hot/cold-aisle containment solutions and more. Ask about private data center suite options.

Cage colocation is a fully customizable solution that allows you to license a secure area of any data centers, enabling your ideal space, security and deployment configuration within the secure confines of a floor to ceiling enclosure.

We work closely with you and any datacenter in India and in every step of the way—from designing an efficient layout to ensuring on-time delivery of cabling and power—to make sure all your needs are met.

cage datacenters - Cage DC literarily keep your servers under a cage

Rack Cabinets

A rack server, also called a rack-mounted server, is a computer dedicated to use as a server and designed to be installed in a framework called a rack Cabinets.

The rack  cabinets contain multiple mounting slots called bays, each designed to hold a hardware unit secured in place with screws. So, Basically, if you want to co-locate your server you may have to hire rack cabinets.

Dedicated Servers

This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organisations have full control over the server(s), including choice of the operating system, hardware.

Netspace (India), does provide you with several configurable dedicated servers in India all these servers are hosted in Indian Data Centers. 

Mumbai Datacenter

There are around 14 datacenters locations available in Mumbai Datacenter.

These Datacenters, provide a hot-spot location at the financial centre of India. 

Here I have listed datacenters in Mumbai

Nashik Datacenter

There is currently only 1 datacenter location available in Nashik Datacenter.

Nashik is the closest to Mumbai and provides perfect co-location service.

The list of Datacenter In Nashik will be updated as more datacenters are added in the future. 

New Delhi & NCR

There is 12 datacenters location available in New Delhi & NCR. 

Here is the list of the datacenters in Delhi & NCR. 

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