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Managed Datacenters

Discover the Power of Managed Data Centers: Simplify IT and Unleash Efficiency


High-Performing, Managed Datacenters

Experience the new age of datacenter management with our partnership with L&T-Cloudfiniti. Combining our expertise in managing datacenters with Lntcloudfiniti's advanced infrastructure, we bring you high-performing, managed datacenters that effortlessly meet your business needs. Benefit from superior performance, robust security, and limitless scalability - all under one roof. Your journey towards uncompromised uptime and maximum productivity begins here.

chennai datacenters

Mumbai Datacenter

Experience excellence with our Mumbai Datacenter. With 10 MW capacity, N+N redundancy, and 24/7 secure access, this center offers resilient high-density computing in the heart of India's commercial capital

mumbai datacenters

Chennai Datacenter

Discover our Chennai Datacenter, offering 30 MW capacity. Adhering to global security standards, this facility provides advanced cooling and fire protection systems in the cultural hub of Chennai.

More City's

Looking for a managed datacenter location closer to your business? Get in touch with us ! We're expanding rapidly to bring our top-notch datacenter solutions to more cities near you. Harness the power of efficient, secure, and scalable datacenter management - wherever you are.


Move your servers to our Datacenter


  • 1U wRack Space
  • 0.5 kwh Rated Power
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Address
  • On-Demand KVM IP

Half Rack Colo

  • 20 wRack Space
  • 3 kwh Rated Power
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Address
  • On-Demand KVM IP

Full Rack Colo

  • 42 wRack Space
  • 6 kwh Rated Power
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Address
  • On-Demand KVM IP

Data Centers


Panvel, the premier destination for data centers due to its strong power and fiber infrastructure, will host our two data centers, NMP 1 & NMP 2.

mumbai datacenter

About The DC

L&T’s colocation services provide top-tier data center amenities, guaranteeing reliability, security, and robust fire protection systems, all alongside necessary environmental controls. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of power, bandwidth, and network options at unbeatable rates, providing you with the peace of mind you need for your data management.

Swift data access is crucial to ensure your organization operates seamlessly. With a global footprint, advanced technologies, and extensive data center solutions to cater to your IT infrastructure requirements, L&T stands as a premier and trustworthy provider of data center services in India.

– 2 MW IT Capacity
– Uptime Tier 3 design
– Floor Loading 15 KN/Sq m

– Power source in N+N 
– Transformer in N+1
– DG Set in N+1

– 4 diverse fiber path
– Dedicated in-campus NOC 
– CRAC – N+1

– Floor Loading 15 KN/Sq m
– 1 Elevator with 3 ton capacity
– Meet Me Room

Data Centers


Our Chennai data center is a technological marvel spread over an expansive 3,90,000 Sq. ft area. 

Chennai DC

About The DC

This facility, IGBC Platinum-rated, not only prioritizes your data but also your comfort with a dedicated seating area for customers. It’s strategically located within a no-flood zone, ensuring the safety of your crucial data even in adverse weather conditions.

Chennai DC

Power is the backbone of any data center, and our Chennai center houses an in-house 230kV GIS substation. Two separate power sources ensure redundancy, while an impressive IT load of 30 MW guarantees capacity. Transformers, UPS, and diesel generators are all set in N + N or N + 1 configuration, offering maximum reliability.

– Ground + 5 floors
– capacity of 15KN/Sq. m
– IGBC Platinum rated

– IT Load of 30 MW
– Transformer in N + N
– 4  fiber connectivity

– VESDA for fire detection
– 7 layers of security
– Access control and biometric

– Dedicated NOC and SOC
– Power feed from 2 sources
– Caged Setup

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Superior Design Excellence

Experience the blend of state-of-the-art design and unparalleled construction quality. Our cutting-edge facilities are a testament to our commitment to technical excellence and innovation.

Fully Managed Services

Your Server our expert

We ensure that your workloads are efficient, secure, and performing at their peak throughout the life-cycle of your application.

Scalability and Expansion

Tier-3 Assurance

We offer on-site space for scalability and expansion within our campus, tailoring our infrastructure to keep pace with your growing demands. With us, you have the ‘build-to-suit’ advantage for all your future needs.

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