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Dedicated for you

NetSpaceIndia dedicated servers India provides a physically isolated hardware in an world class multi location data center. Single-tenant and provisioned on a combination of bare metal and virtual machines, your server environment is created just for you.
Windows Dedicated Server

Get Windows Dedicated Server without setup fee + option to host with world real cloud service providers like AWS and azure. Now all windows dedicated server comes with SSD raid drive.

Buy Windows Dedicated Server >>
Linux Dedicated Server

Get Premium Network upto 20TB Bandwidth with all our Linux dedicated Server. All servers come with SSD drive and option to selected Managed or Self Managed server.

Buy Linux Dedicated Server >>

Netspace (India) Flagship of Dedicated Servers

  • START UP - Rs,6500/M
  • __________

  • 1 TB HDD
    16 GB RAM
    1 IP
    Location : Noida
    Upgrade upto 32 GB RAM

  • BUSINESS - Rs,12000/M
  • __________

  • Dual Hexcore Xeon E5-2600 series
    1 TB HDD
    32 GB RAM
    1 IP
    Location : Noida
    Upgrade Upto 256 GB RAM

  • ADVANCED - Rs,24000/M
  • __________

  • Dual Octacore Xeon E5-2600 series
    1 TB HDD
    256 GB RAM
    1 IP
    Location : Noida

Dedicated Server With Netspace (India), What’s the difference?

With Netspace (India) Flagship program we are co-locating our server all over India which helps our customers to have the highest network of Dedicated Server in India.

With our Flagship program not only you will get best in industry servers, you will get dedicated account manager, Who understands technology as you know your kids.

We only recommend right hardware when we are sure about your requirements.

There are several cases when customer thing he needs a dedicated server but after understanding their requirements our account manager has recommended them shared hosting and vice versa.

Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.

What type of dedicated server do you have?

We provide both Windows Dedicated Server and Linux Dedicated Server, However, we also open for any third party OS.

Just get in touch with us with your requirements and leave rest to us.


From Dedicated servers to serverless resources

Netspace (India) dedicated servers is flexible drives the end user experiences that you and your clients want.

Whether you need to harmonize a use with specific OS access elements, provide a stateless API that services high demand volumes and gives special services, or execute microservices that quickly and automatically adapt to use, Netspace (India) has you covered.

What Is A Dedicated Server?

This video will explain you all!

Can I have multiple Dedicated Servers, Hosting the same website?

Matter of fact, Yes you can. You can have one dedicated server in Chennai and one Dedicated Server in Mumbai all connected with Global Server Load Balancer.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to setup your own Load Balancer.


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