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# Managed & Unmanaged

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers India are an essential component for businesses that require a high level of control and flexibility over their IT infrastructure. These powerful servers allow businesses to run their own applications, databases, and websites without sharing resources with other users

Full Access

All dedicated servers give you full root/administrator-level access

Flexible Contract

Create your billing contract as per your requirement

Managed Solution

Get an optional managed solution with every dedicated server

Custom Configuration

Create your server configuration with state-of-the-art hardware

Remote Reboot

Remotely reboot option for a dedicated server which makes it easy to update

Multi Locations

With more than 7 data center options around the globe, be free to explore new locations

Dedicated IP

Get one or more then one dedicated IP for Linux or Windows servers.

Free Consulting

Get free consulting before selecting the server & hardware to get the right resources


Say goodbye to shared resources with Netspace dedicated servers in India

Netspace™(India) is a leading provider of dedicated servers and other cloud-based services. The company has a strong presence in India, with multiple data centers located in the country. Netspace™(India) offers a wide range of dedicated server India options, including single and multi-core processors, various memory configurations, and different storage options.

Windows Dedicated Servers

Windows dedicated servers are dedicated servers that use Microsoft's Windows operating system. These servers are appropriate for enterprises that need to employ Windows-specific programmes and technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Linux Based Dedicated Server

Linux dedicated servers from Netspce come with a wide range of options, including different processor and memory configurations, as well as various storage options. Additionally, customers can choose between different versions of the Linux operating system, such as Ubuntu, Debian and Centos.

Future-proof your business with Netspace's customizable dedicated servers

Dedicated servers in India are an excellent solution for businesses looking to expand their online presence in the region. Netspace is the best provider for dedicated servers in India, offering a wide range of options and advanced security features to ensure the safety and security of customer data. Additionally, the company's "bare metal" servers and customizable options allow for maximum performance and flexibility.

Why Dedicated Server In India ?

With a highly qualified workforce and an increasing number of firms trying to increase their online presence, India is a fast developing market for IT services. With cheaper labour costs and a favourable exchange rate compared to other nations, the country provides a cost-effective choice for firms wishing to outsource their IT infrastructure.
Furthermore, India has a vast pool of highly experienced engineers and technicians, making it a suitable place for enterprises seeking a dedicated server presence.

dedicated server

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network. Dedicated servers are typically used for larger, more complex networks, or for networks with a high level of traffic. There are several advantages to using a dedicated server, including:

  • Greater control: With a dedicated server, you have complete control over the configuration and management of the server, which allows you to customize it to meet the specific needs of your network.

  • Higher performance: Dedicated servers are typically more powerful than shared servers, which means they can handle more traffic and provide faster access to data.

  • Greater security: Because a dedicated server is not shared with other users, there is a lower risk of security breaches or data loss.

  • Greater reliability: Dedicated servers are less likely to experience downtime or other issues because they are not shared with other users.

Overall, dedicated servers offer more control, better performance, more security and better reliability than shared servers.

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Explore the world of dedicated servers with Netspace™ (India).

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