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Special Domain Offers

From time to time, Registrars around the world keep offering special promos. 

We at Netspace™ (India), pass these offers directly to our customers.

List Of Domain Name on Offers

Domain Name On OfferRegular PriceOffer PriceAction
.site₹ 2470.89₹ 99.00Register .site >>
.store₹ 5267.49₹ 199.00Register .store >>
.win₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .win >>
.trade₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .trade >>
.stream₹ 2690.39₹ 385.00Register .stream >>
.party₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .party >>
.men₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .men >>
.loan₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .loan >>
.download₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .download >>
.date₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .date >>
.bid₹ 2577.09₹ 385.00Register .bid >>
.faith₹ 2577.09₹ 555.50Register .faith >>
.racing₹ 2577.09₹ 555.50Register .racing >>
.review₹ 2577.09₹ 555.50Register .review >>
.science₹ 2577.09₹ 555.50Register .science >>
.webcam₹ 2577.09₹ 555.50Register .webcam >>
.org₹ 1161.09₹ 999.00Register .org >>
.cricket₹ 2690.39₹ 1116.50Register .cricket >>
.accountant₹ 2577.09₹ 1116.50Register .accountant >>

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Frequently Asked Questions For Domain Name Offers

Netspace (India) provides you with a wide range of domain names starting from Rs.99.

The name of your domain is the first impression of your website. You can use our name suggestion tools or hire a Website Consultation service that can suggest domain names as per your requirements. 

Domain name can be registered under any TLD’s, here are top 10 domain name tld’s :

SnoDomain NameRegistration PriceRenewal PriceTransfer Price Rs.999.00INRRs.999.00INRRs.1107.56INR

.com domain name price changes as per ICCAN charges and handling charges in Indian .com domain price is also effected by currency depreciation

You can get your first free domain bundled with hosting services like linux shared hosting or windows shared hosting


The price declared on the website is final. You can negotiate domain name charges for premium domain names which are usually priced at higher rates compared to the regular domain name.  

.Info domain name is good for website hosting informatics content like case studies or other related websites. 

domain name offers

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