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Protecting ™ Brands Since 2005

Registering a domain name under one domain TLD and holding a valid trademark for your brand does not stop people from using your brand name under other TLDs Like .top, .black or any .xyz. 

Netspace™ (India) brand protection service helps the brand owner to provide the first line of defense against domain abuse.

Safeguards your Trademark

Trademark infringement is increasing with new TLDs launching every month. Use our platform to protect and maintain your legal trademark in the digital world.

First right to acquire

On the launch of a new gTLD, there is a specific period called the Sunrise period during which only trademark holders with a verified entry in our database can acquire the matching domain name.
This allows trademark owners to acquire the domain before it is opened for registration to the general public.

Domain Infringements Protection

During the first 90 days of general availability, every time someone attempts to acquire a domain name that is an exact match of a digital trademark, the registrant will get a warning that they may be infringing on a domain name.
In our experience, 95% of times the registrant does not proceed with the registration thus preventing abuse of the brand/TradeMark.

Notification of Infringements

If anyone acquires a domain name in the new gTLDs that matches the verified trademark entry in the TMCH, the owner of the trademark will be notified of the infringement immediately.
This enables rapid notification, assessment, and action against the brand.

How It Works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions customers have related to digital trademark protection services.


No, we don’t provide trademark registration services. We provide Trademark Protection services.

A strong trademark is one that nobody is using already. You can visit IPINDIA and USPTO  to check all registered trademarks and related queries. These trademarks are created by following the rules & regulations stated by the government.

Choose the strong and fanciful trademark from the start. Officially register your trademark. Police your trademark.
One of the common ways is to use and display the correct registered trademark symbol (™) regularly.

Also, use service like digital trademark protection service to get online protection for your trademark. 

Using our TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse) service you can start protecting your trademark digitally for upto 3 years, this can be renewed further.  

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