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Seamless Domain Transfers Made Easy

Switch to our reliable domain management service and enjoy a stress-free domain transfer experience.

The process of transferring ownership of a domain name from one registrant to another is referred to as domain transfer.  Transfer your domain name to Netspace.

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Effortless Domain Transfers with Our User-Friendly Process

Say goodbye to complicated domain transfer procedures. Our user-friendly process ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, making it easy for you to switch your domain management to us

active domain

Active Domain

Your domain name should be in the active stage, and it should be open to transfer from your current registrar.

domain transfer code

EPP (Transfer Code)

Get EPP (transfer code) for your domain from current provider. This code is like a password for your domain.

email marketing

Email Access

Once you request a domain transfer from the below button, you need to access your email id to verify your transfer.

Free Domain Renewal: Extend Your Domain's Life

Transfer your domain to us and enjoy a free domain renewal, extending the life of your domain while you experience our top-notch domain management services.

Secure Your Domain with Advanced Security Features

Secure Your Domain with Advanced Security Features" Content: Safeguard your domain with our state-of-the-art security features, including domain lock and privacy protection, ensuring your online presence remains secure and stable.

Competitive Pricing with No Hidden Fees

Transfer your domain to us without worrying about hidden fees or unexpected charges. Enjoy our competitive pricing and transparent billing process for your peace of mind.

Special Domain Transfer Offer

Transfer now to extend your domain by 1 year!*, which basically makes your domain transfer to us free.

Frequently Asked Questions For Domain Transfer

The Domain transfer process can take up to 5 days. As soon as you place a Domain transfer request, we send the request to the losing registrar, and once the Domain transfer is confirmed it get transferred to us.

The Domain transfer process is a 3 step Process. 

  1. Get an EPP code from your current provider and make sure the domain is not locked,
  2. Place a domain transfer request from Netspace™ (India)
  3. Confirm domain transfer request through your email verification link. 

You are free to move a domain name from one provider to another. 

All domain transfers allow domain transfer without any issue. 

Technically speaking, the domain transfer is free. However, when you transfer the domain name from one provider to another, it gets renewed for one year. So, you are paying for domain renewal in the process it also gets transferred. 

To check if your domain name is eligible for transfer, you should confirm that the domain is unlocked and that it has been registered for at least 60 days.
You can check the status of the domain name with your current registrar; they will be able to tell you whether or not the domain is locked, as well as the exact date of registration.
It’s also critical to ensure that your domain name has no outstanding legal issues or is not involved in any legal disputes, as these can prevent the transfer from being completed.
Once you’ve confirmed that your domain name meets these requirements, it should be transferable.

The transfer process should not affect your website or email services, but it’s always best to check with your hosting provider to confirm.

Domain Transfer Made Easy

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