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Maintain Remote Worker Security

Pandemic or Just another work day working remotely can be a benefit, but sometimes it is a matter of keeping the business running.

In  current circumstances where working in the office is not an option, business continuity planning needs to include plans on how to enable the entire workforce to work remotely.  Using technology as our key weapon Netspace (India) work from home solution help  Teleworker work as they are working in office.

With the help of Netspace (India) VPN Service which takes advantage of both SSL VPN and IPSec VPN to provide secure remote access over the fastest and most stable protocol available.

This means almost any Internet-connected location can offer secure access to company applications and resources, regardless of the details of its environment.

Our system automatically connects endpoints to VPNs and maintains an always-up connection, so remote workers require little to no training on how to connect to a VPN from home – or anywhere else.

Table of Contents

Type Of Telework Solutions

Accounts Team

Specially designed for accounts team with the power of Tally On Cloud service. With data access to management or upper management only (user management).

Regular Employee

The Regular Employee is the regular level user who want secure access that everyone in the company should have, to be used when traveling or working from home.


Management Level

Manager are the Power users of your team. They are the employees who need a consistent, secure connections to the corporate network any time and from anywhere.


Upper Management

Upper Management users can get benefit from a secure line to always-on connection to the sate of the art firewall. With Identity verification for sensitive applications & data.

Manage Remote Accounts Team

We understand accounting is the most critical part of your business. 

And, Tally is not most use account software in India. Due to which we have developed a tally on cloud services which can be access from the pre approved remote machine from any part of the world. 

The user does not need a software to be installed in his/ her machine and at the same time the multiple people can work together without worrying about data integrity. 

powered by Tally ERP 9.

tally erp on cloud

Regular / General Employee

With Netspace (India) Remote data sharing service, IT admin can now manage data access to remote user securely with tunnelling solution.  

Web based application restriction help secure your web application by adding two factor authentication for your employee only. 

Listed below are some of the features which can be managed remotely through our network. 

Private Tunnel is like have office server is connected to your remote employee. 

The remote employee can access your office server data or office resources (Like office printer) just like they did inside office network in a secure environment. 

For more info about the data sharing with your remote users feel free to get in touch with our solution provider today. 

Prove that users are who their user names and passwords say they are with additional methods of authentication. With Netspace (India) two-factor authentication capabilities.

The web firewall enable to copy firewall setting into VPN tunnel for your remote employees just like you manage your local network you can manage your WAN network over internet.   

Remote Management Level Employee

The Remote Management provides central management of Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices.

Features include remote endpoint deployment, client provisioning, Windows AD integration, real-time endpoint status, vulnerability dashboard, software inventory, quarantine management, alerts, and more. 

Upper Super Management

Many of the most damaging breaches have been accomplished through unauthorized users gaining access to a network or inappropriate levels of access granted to valid users. Protect super user with double Authentication provides services which are key in creating effective security policy, strengthening security by ensuring only the right person at the right time can access your sensitive networks and data even from remote.