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You can deposit direct fund to our ICICI Bank account by Cheque or Cash through any ICICI Bank Branch or ATM in India :
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Core Banking Provider In India

How to be a digital prime bank ?

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Core Banking Software

If you are planning to be a unique bank you need to have a different unique style as

well. Our Core Banking system based on powerful technology suite that is coupled

with superior software design makes you exclusive from other banks. The system

harmonises the power of digital 360 with customer-centric structure. With this facility

the banking system ensures the superior customer experience at all the branches.

Key role of Core Banking software

1. These systems determine the velocity of new product introductions as well as the ease of integration with applications. You receive the dynamic access to customer information for every purpose.

2. The customer data is centralised with great functionality, hence you receive greater customer trust with single unified security shell and greater transparency.

3. The financial industry is growing nowadays. With the dynamic changes, there is a change in customer behaviour as well. Core Banking introduces digital transformation for the same purpose.

4. As there is growth in the customers, the risk of the money gradually increases. At such point of time, risk management becomes a necessity. Therefore, the system is designed in such a way that banks easily address the demands of regulators and auditors, and more sophisticated controls to manage the risk products.

5. Launching of a new product and its reconfiguration becomes easy and faster as well with a 360° customer view. The software helps you to inform the customers or the targeted audience about the product.

6. Banking is made easy through technological friendly banking solution. With one-touch digital apps, you can save and resume unctionality.

Why to choose Core Banking software?

The software helps you to build a deep relationship with the customers as it provides you the facility of immediate intimacy, response and trust. The software is made 100% secure so that there is no external interference in the transaction. The system is completely automated that will save your time as well. The functionality is an architect in such way that with ease you can transit from one device to another, without drop in time.

Core Banking software fits perfectly in the bank’s IT system without interfering other operations. Coupled with built-in business services and the ability to FT-Message-Hub’s & Out-of- the-box interface cartridges, the solution supports multiple integration models – Synchronous / Real time, Asynchronous, Batch modes.

It has been designed in such a way that with ease you can take care of your customers and provide a healthy stress less happy environment for your staff as well as the customers.