Free Domain Transfer & Hosting Migration

Don’t worry! You are in right hand, If you’re considering a switch but are just overwhelmed by the prospect of moving your site physically over to our systems just leave it to us. We’re happy to deal with all of the planning and execution of the move for FREE and better yet, there will be almost ZERO downtime (if any) if you follow our plan.

We at NetSpaceIndia know that moving to a different host can be a daunting task let it be your Domain Name, Linux Shared Hosting, Magento Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS Server Hosting or Even Cloud Servers. But it doesn’t have to be! Our migration service provides free migrations from your current hosting service to your account with us — with little or no downtime.

Process Of Domain & Hosting Migration:

  1. For moving domain from other provider simply visit our domain transfer page.
    If your domain is unlocked and the authorization code is correct, your transfer should complete within 5 days barring any Registrar conflicts. At times, current registrars send emails to confirm registrar transfers.
    Also domain are renewed automatically once transferred so basically your domain is transferred for free.
  2. For Moving Hosting :
    1. Receive your NetSpaceIndia welcome e-mail once you are registered with us
    2. Open a Support Ticket
    3. Provide us with maximum detail that you have with you, Like :
      • SSH / Administrator / Root access — preferred and will be the fastest
      • Cpanel / Plesk Login Details
      • FTP Details

Migrations are performed seven (7) days a week, from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Indian standard time (as this is a lower traffic time for most sites) on a first come, first served basis. Accommodations can be made for those whose business hours or time zones differ.

We Care For You:

We care for you and for your data, We do this as we treat our customer as family. We’re are real people just like you. We’re proud of what we do and we show it by providing great service at a good value. Well, we’re not the cheapest Web hosting in India and while we think our value just like our country we’d rather bill it as good and surprise you 🙂 from time to time by providing cheapest domain name rate in India from time to time.

We Don’t Out Source Our Staff:

Our Team (No matter how small we may be our how big we will grow) will be our Team, We will never out source our support to third party (Like Most Hosting Company Do)

We Make (and admit) Mistakes:

We’re human (Like I said Before) and we make mistakes.  There, We said it.  We don’t make them often but when we do we’re the first to acknowledge our mistakes. Why is this point in listed here? Because we think it’s important to note that honesty is a big part of being a good service provider and we try our best to treat all clients with the same respect and in the same honest manner we’d like to be treated as we always care for your data you should also make sure you keep backup of all your data before migration start.

We've got your back 24x7x365. Our helpful and always ready experts are a click or call away. Anytime. Anywhere.