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How to do FTP over SSL/TSL in FileZilla

FileZilla is a powerful software for file transfer over the internet that is widely used by webmasters. This article helps to establish connections and upload website files using the Filezilla software.
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FTP over SSLTSL in Filezilla

For security reasons, we recently enabled FTP over SSL/TLS on our Linux servers. Plain text authentication will no longer work on our Linux servers. For the Linux users, we would suggest using FTP clients like FileZilla, CoreFTP to upload their web contents. Below mentioned are the instructions to upload files/folders using the FileZilla FTP client:

Filezilla is a powerful software for file transfer over the internet that is widely used by webmasters. The following steps show how to establish a connection and upload your website files using the Filezilla software.

For establishing the connection: Once the Filezilla software is installed on your system, you can open the software in your applications -> Internet menu.

Go to file -> Site Manager -> New Site.

Fill up the following details.

1) Hostname: enter the domain name or hosting server name where your account resides (for eg:

2) Username: enter your FTP username.

3) Password: enter the FTP password

4) Port: enter the FTP port. ( 21 is the default port)

5) Protocol: FTP – File Transfer Protocol

6) Encryption: select ‘Required explicit FTP over TLS’ from the drop-down list

7) Logon Type: select ‘Normal’ from the drop-down list.

8) Click on the ‘connect’ button for temporary connect or ‘OK’ to save the details.


After connecting, it will ask for the certificate trust. Mark the check box ‘Always trust Certificate in future sessions’. And click the ‘OK’ button.


Once the connection is established, you will be able to see the list of remote server files and folders.


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