The New .Movie Domain Name is moving Bollywood to new age of box-office

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The New .Movie Domain Name is moving Bollywood to new age of box-office
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The New .Movie Domain Name is moving Bollywood to new age of box-office

Shashi kant Pandidhar

India Produced around  1,000+ movies annually, Which make Bollywood the biggest film industries in the world in terms of the number of people employed and the number of films produced and a fortune is spent on the marketing of those movies but contending with the tide of digitally-supplied content, protecting intellectual property is getting hard day by day.

Almost all the movie released in Bollywood, The movie industry is failing to get SEO and related easy to remember name benefits for the newly released movies in India, As most of the domain name in generic TLD like .com, .Net and other are already taken by someone out there.

The launch of .Movie (read: dot Movie) web extension may be a step in the right direction to confront these challenges.

Now with NetSpaceindia, you can book your own .movie name online and instantly secure your next big Movie launch in India.

As of now, there is 1100 movie’s name already registered in the world. Why should Bollywood stay’s behind ? “.Movie, being the newest web extension to launch, is aiming to reinvent the film industry’s approach to online activity with a business model which protects the authenticity of the film business.

 Benefits of new .Movie Domain Name extensions 
  • Dream come to marketers and advertisers of the movie:
    Marketers and advertisers can now better associate a movie with a name, by using the right web extension. Also, consumers will have one more pointer to the content of a particular Movie.
  • End to the non-official website:
    With the launch of the website, There is always launch of several spammy looking website as most of the gTLD are cheaper to book domain name but .Movie gTLD is a premium extension and not so easy to get the hold on it.
  • Faster Deployment of a website:
    With NetSpaceIndia you also get faster deployment for your next big movie launch and with the help CDN technology in India movies can now share content at a faster rate.
  • Direct-to-audience channel:
    .Movie can be a new channel for streaming revenues. As consumers learn to find movies in .movie domains and trust its content, .movie becomes a viable channel for direct distribution.

It will be exciting to the see which movie will be the first movie in India that will hold the title of .movie, Will it be a short film ? or it will be next Bollywood Super Hit Blockbuster with .Movie extension.  Only Time will tell.

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