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Get Your First Free Linux VPS Server

Thinking of getting your first VPS Linux server? Then, this article is your one-stop solution for all your needs free Linux VPS Server Hosting.
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linux vps server

This article is divided into several sections to help you understand everything about Linux VPS server and what you need to know before you decide to shift from your Linux shared hosting services.

Table of Contents

When you should upgrade to VPS Server?

This is a tricky question as it has several answers, pick the one which suits you the best :

A high traffic website

If you have a high traffic website and your Linux shared hosting is not keeping up with the load you should try VPS server.

But keep in mind just because your website is heavy (Using high server resources even in low traffic) then you should consider optimising your website.

Here is some article which will help you optimise your website high load even in shared hosting environment. 

How to optimize WordPress Website for shared Hosting

Magento Hosting – Best Practices for Optimum Performance

Website Load Time & Understanding every bit of website speed optimization

You are working on SEO

If you are here just for SEO, because you think having VPS server will give you extra punch in ranking as you will have dedicated IP.

Well, Google and all other search engines understand that half of the internet world is in the shared hosting environment and as a work you can go for Dedicated IP with SSL certificate, This will give the required boost.

Understand the relationship between SSL & Google Ranking and you should read google search algorithm.

Test VPS Server

test vps serverAre you a developer or just want to test your application on the VPS server.

Ok ! then leave everything and goto free Linux VPS Server point and get going 🙂 No worry

The Free Linux VPS server we brought will help you to deploy test environments servers and even do beta testing of an application or a website. 

However, You should have basic knowledge of Linux commands and should know about Putty for remote connections. 

Root Level Control

If you need root-level access for your server, then you should consider VPS server.

Full access to the server opens up god level of control over your server, This is possible through VPS server. 

You can literally do anything and everything possible in Linux VPS environment. No more, restriction. 

Go, feel the power.


Things to know before you get VPS Server

VPS has the following major factors to keep a note of  :


RAM stands for (Random-access memory) VPS are available from 512 MB RAM to 250 GB RAM depending upon your need you can select one. However, as this article is for first time VPS owner I will recommend 2 GB RAM.


CPU Core

Number of CPU you want ? You can start with 2 Core CPU, this good for most startup website.



Hard Disk Drive is basically about space. Don’t get confused with webspace with HDD as you will not get full HDD for your website as around 20% will be used by Operating System and other software like Cpanel.
Also, look for SSD VPS hosting this will give you better read-write speed.  

Read Understanding SSD Hosting to get a grip of SSD Hosting.


OS stands for the operating system.

Most, of Free Trial VPS hosting provider listed here provide Linux Based VPS server. 

Which is the right VPS Server For You ?

Well this is a tricky question. But I will try to answer in the best possible way as per my knowledge.

If you want tot do some quick testing (Non web base) like you want to some server configuration testing or to do some R&D kind of stuff then go for 512 MB Base VPS Server plan but if you want to host a WordPress kind of website then start at least with 1 GB of RAM, After which you need to monitor your requirement as then upgrade/downgrade your plan or even stay with the same plan.

List Of Free Linux VPS Server Provider

Digitalocean ($ 100 Worth)

Digital Ocean is Cloud VPS provider and they offer special $100 credit if you register from the link below. 

In $100 credit you can run a Basic $5 VPS server for 20 months for Free.


Linode ($ 100 Free Credit For 6 Months)

Linode is a cloud platform just like the digital ocean which give you 100$ worth credit on signup. 


UpCloud ($ 25 Worth)

UpCloud is another Cloud Platform which provides you $25 worth of credit by signing up from the link provided. 


I will be Adding more provider list here, So you can enjoy Free VPS Server for testing and deployment. 

Feel free to leave a comment if you want offers from any specific cloud provider.

We will try to get in touch with the provider and offer you the same in the list above. 

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