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Why You Need Global Server load balancing (GSLB)

Most of the datacenter in India provide you with Local Load Balancer which helps you to divert traffic, In other words, directing traffic between multiple servers at the very same data centre facing any service that you provide.

Disaster recovery is the principal reason that lots of businesses deploy host resources at multiple places.


In the most typical configuration, information is served in one busy place but replicated at one or more standby (passive) places that function it only when the active website fails.

The worldwide server load balancer’s function in this circumstance is to discover the failure in the active site and mechanically redirect requests into the standby websites.

A significant reason to select an active‑passive strategy is that there’s no requirement to synchronize information across websites instantly; changes in the active site could be dispersed into theGlobal Server Load Balancerinactive websites with a more straightforward batch method and more affordable out‑of‑band connections.

If you keep multiple active websites serving the exact same content — and also a few of the advantages of GSLB from the subsequent list appear only in the event that you do then synchronizing the websites in real time becomes more significant.

In my last article, I was talking about Load Balancer, In this article, I will explain about how Netspace (India) deal with the need for Global Server Load balancer that a number of organizations eventually confront.

First who need a Global Server load balancer?

There are two quite different reasons why Companies move to multiple data centres:

  • High accessibility: 
    In this situation, you have hit the point at which your company can’t endure the chance of housing everything in one building or area. To defend the company, you generally either bring up a totally offline backup data centre in the event of a catastrophe, or you run several active, always-on data centres.
  • Data locality:
    Some businesses will need to conduct many data centres for jurisdictional or regulatory factors. By way of instance, for information privacy reasons you might have to stay Indian data centre within India, or for performance reasons you might need to ensure that your clients in Asia get all their data from the data centre in Asia.


How Can Netspace (India) Help?

While it is possible to implement global server load balancing in-house, the challenges of keeping data synchronized at multiple sites – and load balancing across the sites efficiently – are not trivial.

Netspace (India) Provide global load balancing service as a Managed DNS service to our customer as Global Load Balancer our DNS based load balancer keeps track of live application servers and does routing accordingly (In case of failover).



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