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Google website ranking factor – Google Search Algorithm

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Google Keyword ranking factor

Google website ranking factor – Google Search Algorithm

Ever wonder how google search algorithm and what are google updates? there may be 100’s of factors for google ranking for your keywords and I will try to list each one of them here. Some of them are proven factors, some are publicly declared by google and some are just speculation, Whatever it maybe I will list them here and keep updating them as I discover more in future.

The complete list Google website ranking factor (Tweet This)

To make things simple I will divide this article into different factors:

  1. Domain Name Factor
  2. On Page Factor
  3. Website repo
  4. Backlinks
  5. Visitor Factors
  6. Social Media Factor
  7. Brand Value
  8. No Spam Factor
  9. Others


Domain Name Factor

Domain name is the most important factor of your website ranking. Do not ignore it Learn how to choose a right domain name and keep below points in your mind:

  1. How old is your domain name?
    They (Google) do keep a track of your website first crawled date the older is better but don’t get confused between the age of your domain name and crawl date. View this video from Matt Cutts from google:
  2. Keyword on a domain:
    there was a time when if your domain name contains a relevant keyword, Then it was a sign of guarantee that your domain name will be on top at least for that domain name. But things are changed now, however, containing keyword will give you some positive flags. After all, they still bold keywords that appear in a domain name. That is the reason we always ask our customers to book right domain name.
  3. Having the first word as a keyword in domain name
    Your domain name having the first word as your keyword will give you another boost for the positive flag.
  4. Domain expiry date:  I will bet you were not aware of this factor as per google patent :[su_blockquote float=”0″ align=”0″]“Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain”.[/su_blockquote]
  5. Subdomain : 
    search engine treat subdomain as totally different domain, so remember we talked about the first word as your keyword (point 3) this mean if you are  targeting keyword party in Mumbai  and you have a domain name mumbaimasti.com then having party subdomain party.mumbaimasti.com will surely give you that little push.
  6. Frequent Change in WHO-is data:
    In the event, there are lots of change in whois information from time to time then google may treat this as suspicious behaviour.
  7. EMD (Exact Match Domain ):
    This is good for the high-quality website. If you are having an exact match domain name for your keyword with an only 4-5 page of a spammy looking website, Then your EMD domain may not rank as you must have thought of. Google is not born yesterday  (know more about EMD)

    exact match domain name
  8. Open WhoIs:
    well-keeping whois as private whois may help stop spammer but google also sees this as a suspicious factor and may give you negative flag for private whois. As per Matt:
    “…When I checked the whois on them, they all had “whois privacy protection service” on them. That’s relatively unusual. …Having whois privacy turned on isn’t automatically bad, but once you get several of these factors all together, you’re often talking about a very different type of webmaster than the fellow who just has a single site or so.”
  9. Spammer Whois:
    if one of your domain (owned by you in whois) is get listed as spam domain there is a high chance that all domain linked to same whois data get marked as the spam website.
  10. Parked Domain:
    As per google back in 2011, they decreased search visibility of parked domains.
  11. Having specific TLD’s in a domain name:
    If you are targeting specific region like India then having a domain name with .in TLD make sense to google or running an NGO with. NGO domain will surely give you another green flag.  (Do keep a track of Weekly Updated, Best Offers On Domain Names In India you may get your domain name in cheaper rate)

    On Page Factor

Before you start making a website, On page factor help you rank better in google.

  1. Keyword Rich Tittle:
    The second most important factor after the content of your page. So do your research before selecting the title of your article or page.
  2. Description Tag:
    Don’t get confused with meta tag’s meta description. Google officially said it give some importance to meta description. Here is the video :
  3. Content Lenth: The content of your article or page may give plus over shorter content, Here is the result of the random search. Notice the number of words of rank one article over other.
  4. Page Load Speed:
    In our my previous articles, I have written specifically about Website Load Time and how it make different and so do google and bing. Google have a specific tool for testing your website load time called PageSpeed Insights. in fact, some industry experts believe loading speed of your website is also monitored by Google Crome.
  5. Page Age:
    Google love the fresh content, but an older page with fresh content may outperform then new page due to high page value.
  6. Image Optimization:
    Images on-page send search engines important relevancy signals through their file name, alt text, title, description and caption. (Tip: Compress images for faster loading time)To put everything in summary for on page factor, This report from SearchMatric is the best reference

    google search algorithm
  7. The frequency of content update:
    Google love recently updated content, that’s the reason it shows the date of a page’s last update for certain pages:

  8. Don’t forget keyword order:
    An exact match of a searcher’s keyword in a page’s content will generally rank better than the same keyword phrase in a different order.
  9. Outbound Links and Theme:
    Many experts believe giving references to the high-quality website (Like media / Wikipedia / Government Website) may increase your quality score. But before you start linking random Wikipedia website make sure you are keeping themes in mind. By saying theme, I mean the theme of your article (not WordPress theme). So if you are writing about how to buy a dress? and you giving a link to move website then the search engine may think that you are writing about dress in the movie.
  10. Say no to too many outbound links:
    When you link a website you are leaking your page rank, So think before you link to website too many outbound links is also not good for your page rank.
    Ok, I got it … You want technical details ….Hmmm here is the formula

    google page rank formula

    Just kidding (BTW: The formula is correct) but if you really want to study how page rank work here is the link for you.

  11. On page Multimedia:
    Google love what people love and people love Multimedia, So when you add youtube video or images which people will love to visualise then google love it too.
  12. Inter-Page Linking:
    Like the outbound link, Search engine loves referring to internal links with high page rank.
  13. Big no to 404 and 500 (Broken or page error):
    Google hate 404 page not found an error or any 500 error they are no good for your ranking factors.
  14. Affiliate Link:
    Having an affiliate link is not bad but too many of affiliate link from your domain may not be a good sign for your website ranking.
  15. URL Location:
    Pages closer to your Homepage may rank higher then pages linked deep inside your website.
  16. URL Lenth:
    URL of your website should be under the limit. I.e: www.linktomypage.com/yourpage will rank better then www.linktomypage.com/somthinghere/somthingthere/mypage
  17. Categories:
    Google consider categories as important factors, This tells google what is the page about.

    google url strings for keyword ranking factor
  18. Listing and bullet points:
    remember <li> and <ol> tags? Well, search engine gives weight to bullets and nested points. (Note: How this article is written on points)
  19. Multi-Keyword ranking:
    If the same page is ranking high in google for some other keyword, this may give a sign for good ranking for your targeted keyword.

    Web-Site Repo

  20. Contact Us:
    Website proper contact information like address, email and phone address is considered genuine. In fact, if your contact us page contains same information with WHOIS data then considers it a bonus.
  21. Site Freshness:
    How often you update your website is an important factor.
  22. Bigger is better:
    Website with lots of pages may rank better with those with only a few.
  23. SiteMap:
    Sitemap help google crawl your website faster, So it is good for your website.
  24. SSL certificate:
    google now officially says that website with SSL certificate will be given high ranking value compare to a non-SSL website.
  25. Terms and Privacy Page:
    These two pages tell google that you care about your website visitors.
  26. Server Location:
    Search engine preferred showing local content to a local user.
  27. Site Uptime:
    Too many of downtime is not good for your website ranking, So make sure you have a reliable web hosting provider.
  28. Site userfriendly:
    Site usability is an important factor, Non-user friendly website can hurt your ranking.
  29. Using Google AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster:
    Some expert believes, using these two google tool may give you a good boost as google will have more insight of your website like bounce rate. Which make sense to me.



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