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Guide : Database Migration

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Guide : Database Migration

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We at netspaceindia understand the importance of database and also that people do shift from technology to technology. A Database migration is a crucial operation within any enterprise and failure can be catastrophic.

We currently provide migration service MYSql database, MariaDB, Percona, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgresSQL and vise verse.

Database Migration Process :

A database represents a critical component in the architecture of most applications. Migrating the database to a new platform is a significant event in an application’s lifecycle and may have an impact on application functionality, performance, and reliability.we follow following step to process a migration

Migrating your databases

Estimate Code Change Effort :

It is important to estimate the amount of code and schema changes that you need to perform while migrating your database.   When migrating from MySQL-compatible databases, negligible code changes are required. However, when migrating from non-MySQL engines, you may be required to
make schema and code changes.

Type of Database Migration Process :

  •  Homogenous Migration :  homogeneous migration is a migration from one platform and database architecture to the same platform and database.
  •  Heterogeneous Migration   :  This type of migration consists of moving from a different database type platform to an another environment, or from one database architecture to a different database architecture, or both at the same time.

If your application can accommodate a predictable length of downtime during off-peak hours, migration with the downtime is the simplest option and is a highly recommended approach. Most database migration projects fall into this category as most applications already have a well-defined maintenance window. Feel Free to contact us in case you want to migrate database