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How To Increase Income With Reseller Hosting Plans

Sell flexible hosting plans, host unlimited websites, and manage customers seamlessly with this step-by-step guide to start a reseller hosting business.
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reseller hosting

Curious to know what is reseller hosting and how it can turn into a business opportunity? If you are already into web services, web designer, developer, tech graduate, or web professional and want to make money with reseller hosting which is easy to manage with low initial cost and can be an addon for generating online income.

In reseller hosting, the hosting provider rents hard drive space and bandwidth to another organization/ customer. Moreover, this organization/ customer then rents this space to their customers (third-parties) by leaving the technical support to the web host provider.

Table of Contents

What is Reseller Hosting?

Ever imagined you can earn money just by renting your services online! In simpler terms, when you own these online services, you are the hosting provider, and to earn a profit, you rent your services to the customers (mid-sized businesses) which then rents these services to their customers. These web hosting services include services such as CPU, RAM, server bandwidth, etc. So the mid-sized business party hosts/ rents services to their clients with the hosting provider company unknown also known as “white-label”.

Your customers might vary depending upon the server space you have purchased.

What features to check before buying a hosting plan?

  • Disc spaceIn reseller hosting, disc space is the amount of available space on the server for storing the content of your website,
  • Support and guidance providedFull support and guidance should be provided from first-order till plan creation,
  • White-labelthe mid-sized business party hosts/ rents services to their clients with the hosting provider company unknown also known as “white-label”,
  • BandwidthIn reseller hosting,  the amount of data your website can transfer to users in a given amount of time is bandwidth,
  • Updated cPanel and Plesk – up-to-date software applications,
  • Ability to manage and customize your plans – Flexible plans,
  • Max. number of accounts that can be created – from 10 to 50 accounts can be created,
  • Website loading speed – time taken by a page to load fully,
  • Suitable pricing pricing should meet your requirements,
  • Databases,
  • Order management,
  • Domain Hosting

Ups & Downs of Reseller Hosting


  • Much more cost-effective than dedicated hosting,
  • Complete control over resources,
  • Complete flexibility and freedom,
  • Unlimited SSL certificates,
  • Technical support is handled by the web hosting provider, so you can focus on delivering full customer service,
  • Reseller can easily make profits,
  • Scalability,
  • White-Label solution,
  • Server maintenance costs are reduced if you are selling to other businesses.


  • There might be features which you don’t need,
  • If you are selling hosting plans to other businesses you have to provide full customer support,

How to choose a reseller hosting plan?

  1. Research! Research! Research the market and find a hosting company.
  2. Understand your target market, how to add new customers, and business goals to meet.
  3. Select and purchase the reseller plan accordingly,
  4. Configure your unique package,
  5. Decide what plans you’ll provide at what price,
  6. Advertise and sell hosting packages to customers and Earn Profit.

Steps to Order Your Plan

Netspace provides flexible plans depending upon the requirements of customers such as Basic, Silver, Gold, or Elite Plan.

Steps to Order Reseller Hosting are listed below:

  1. Visit Netspace India.
  2. Select Reseller plan as per your requirements.
  3. Netspace India rents three types of Reseller Hosting Plans:

  4.  For Windows-based Service providers, Plesk based Windows Reseller hosting plan is perfect.
  5. To know more about plans click on the button shown in the image.
Reseller hosting Plans

6. For Windows Reseller, swipe down and check what features are provided in W10 Basic, W40 Silver, and W50 Gold.

7. Click order now as shown in the image.

8. After clicking order now you’ll be redirected to this page where you need to choose and check domain availability.

9. Either you can choose a plan and then select the availability of the domain and add it to the cart or vice versa. Further, click continue.

domain availability

10. For Linux Reseller, swipe down and check what features are provided in Basic, Gold, and Elite plans.

11. Click order now as shown in the image and repeat the same process.

Linux Reseller Hosting

15. At the end, review your order summary and check the configurations of your plan. 

16. Click Continue and then you’ll be redirected to the payment gateway.

17. Complete the process and enjoy reselling!

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