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How To Create A Blog For Free!

Master the art of blogging! This article will help your ideas turn into a blog. Additionally, learn how to promote your blog online with the following easy tips.
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Do you feel that you are born to write? Do you possess the skill of putting your thoughts on a piece of paper? Are you already pursuing your hobby of writing? If yes, now it’s time to rest your pen and paper and play with your fingers on the keypad of your laptop, iPad, tablet, or mobile to let your writing get published online as a blog and let your thoughts, stories, news reach thousands of people in a modern and an impressive way!

Are you not familiar with all these technologies and do not know how to get your posts published online? No need to worry as today’s post is talking about

  1. what is a Blog? And Understanding the concept of a blog.
  2. Blogging platforms and start blogging with bloggers and
  3. ways to promote your new blog.

So are you ready to learn how to start blogging in few steps? Alright! Let’s start by understanding the blog.

Table of Contents

What is a blog?

A blog is a website or web page in an informal or conversational style (interactive) writing that gets updated on a regular (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) basis by the writer of the blog. It engages people of the same interest, likes, and hobbies. In other words, a blog is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries called posts that get listed in reverse chronological order. Blogs let the user comment (require approval from the author before it goes online) their ideas, suggestion, views, questions, or queries related to a particular post, and later blogger (one who writes a blog) can respond the same.

Concept of a Blog and Initial Requirements

You might come across people jotting in their notebooks or a diary and showing the same to their buddies when they meet also discussing the same. Sometimes people find ways to reach publishers like newspaper or magazine industries and get their writings on publications and get readers when they become famous, the same thing here blog does. Offline writing has limits in accessing more people where the blog is a platform that helps the writers reach the maximum and get the readers.

Before writing a blog post ask yourself what do you want to share with others?

What are the stories that might people be interested in?

Define a subject (title) and keep gathering stories, contents, and draft ideas that you will use while writing the posts under your blog. Make sure once you start writing you are supposed to provide fresh posts related to your blog subject in regular intervals as your readers might wait for your next post and if they won’t find regular updates on your blog, they might not return and you would lose your readers.

Blogging Platforms

Use a free blogging platform such as, Blogger, or Tumblr. These platforms allow you to create a blog quickly and easily, and they provide a range of templates and customization options to help you make your blog look professional.



Blogger comes from Google and is very popular amongst bloggers, to start with blogger, you simply require a google email account to log on to the blogger. If you don’t have it, you can create it. Create and log in. Once you log in, you will find the following interface of blogger where you are required to confirm your profile (one time) that can be chosen from your Google+ profile or continue with a new Blogger profile. It is important as your profile will be displayed on your blog and help readers to know about their writer. If you already have a Google+ profile, it is advisable to use that as you must have people connected with that account and would help you share your posts with them.

Set up a new Blog

This is a platform to start your new blog as still you do not have any blog, to get your first blog click on ‘New blog’ see the marked pen icon.

  1. Simply give the title of your blog, it should be related to your future writings and this would be searched through search engines.
  2. Here, define the URL for your blog (subject to availability). People will be able to see your blog when they type or go to this link, choose wisely, and a short one. Kindly note that will be added behind the URL as a domain since we are using free services. It would be removed when you go for purchasing domain but not required in the initial stage.
  3. Now, it is time to choose the design! Select from the option given, do not worry later you can change the backgrounds, themes, color et cetera. Kindly choose a design that is suitable for your blog content.
  4. Last but not least, click on ‘create blog!’ to start writing your first post. (all above four steps, are one-time setup)

Dashboard of blogger

After clicking ‘create blog!’ button, now you are at the interface of the dashboard of your blog, in simplified language dashboard is a manager of your blogs and things related to posts, design, layout et cetera.

  1. To start posting, click on Start posting,
  2. You can do the same by clicking ‘pen marker button – no. 2’ as well.
  3. These options (click drop-down) provide you features such as blog overview, posts, pages, comments, Google+, Stats, layout, template, and other settings. You will understand these features by exploring and experiencing blogger.
  4. How your blog will look like online? To see this click on ‘View blog’ but as we have not posted anything, it will be shown blank. So let’s put some content online!

Steps of Writing a Post

  1. Give your post an appropriate eye-catching title.
  2. Formatting Bar allows you to format your text, insert images, video, links, etc.
  3. This is your post compose area type in Indic languages as well. Just like you type mail.
  4. Save your drafted post.
  5. Preview your post that how will it look like before getting published. This step will help you to review your post and make changes if required.
  6. Post Settings: Give tags (Labels) – the keywords in your blog that possibly could search and increase the chance to put your blog post as a search result in front of the reader.
  7. Now it’s time to send your writing (post) online, make available your post for being read.
  8. Want to see an online post! Click on ‘View blog’
  9. After you have done, close the writing box.

Again we on Dashboard; you can see your post is been posted! Find options under the post title to edit, view, share and delete post.

Your Blog is Online!

This is exact image how the blog looks online. Want to experience go to the link:

Ways to Promote Your New Blog

Posting a blog post is just not done! Additionally, you are required to inform people that you have written a blog post! You can use your blog URL to invite people to read the same. Share URL through Google+, Facebook, and Twitter or mail personally. I am sharing my blog URL for your perusal and get ideas to spice up your blog to the next level. Visit: and

The world is waiting to read your posts. So just, Plan, Publish, Promote and Participate in the discussion! 

Here are a few ways to promote your blog:

  1. Share your blog on social media. This is an easy and effective way to reach a large audience quickly. Make sure to use relevant hashtags so that your posts will be more visible to people searching for specific topics.

  2. Use email marketing. If you have a list of email subscribers, send them updates when you publish new blog posts. This is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and keep your readers engaged.

  3. Comment on other blogs in your niche. This is a great way to get your blog noticed by other bloggers and readers. Just make sure to leave thoughtful and relevant comments.

  4. Guest post on other blogs. This is a great way to reach a new audience and get your name out there. Just be sure to choose blogs that are related to your niche and have a similar target audience.

  5. Optimize your blog for search engines. Make sure to include relevant keywords in your blog posts and titles, and use header tags (H1, H2, etc.) to structure your content. This will make it easier for search engines to find and index your blog.

  6. Promote your blog offline. Don’t forget to let people know about your blog in the real world. Mention it to friends, family, and colleagues, and consider handing out business cards or flyers with your blog’s URL on them.


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