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how to create a website – The Epic way

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how to create a website – The Epic way

It’s been years now, People keep coming to me with the same question every now and then “How to create a website”

So, here I am writing this articles for BEGINNERS,  this guide is very detailed, yet very easy to follow – even if you’re not very technical. However, if you have any doubt please feel to ask your query in the comment and I will be happy to answer your query.

The website is very important part of your business/blog so you should make sure that you pass the right message to your visitors. While running a website design company in Mumbai, here are my personal steps which I keep handy with me :

 Headers and The Front Page  

The header is the first thing people will see on your website so keep these things at the top of your list :

    1. Domain Name :
      The domain is the most important thing of your website, Make sure it easy to remember and related your topic of the website. It may be your company name or anything easy to remember and connect with you.  You can always refer to one of our past post about How to choose a perfect domain name for your website.
      You can also try our free domain backorder service if your domain name is taken by someone else.
      So, Take your time and make sure you get the best domain name registered before going ahead with your website design.How to create a website
    2. Logo :
      The Logo is the identity of your work, People will be recognising you from your logo, So make sure it’s perfectly and clearly visible to your visitors.
    3.  Tagline:
      The tagline is normally referred to as the motto of your company or in this case your website. keep a punching line ready for this space.
    4. Phone Number:
      Make sure people know that you are a real human being behind this website, Give them a personal touch by sharing your contact number. So they can get in touch with you and talk to you.
    5.  Call to action:
      give them the option to take action on your phone number, like save it address book or even make a call on displayed number.
    6. Navigation:
      Now here come one of the most talks about step “Navigation”, While making your website be very selective on what you put in your menu/navigation area as they will be displayed everywhere on your website so make good use of them.
    7. Breadcrumb navigation:
      Remember to show breadcrumb navigation to a user so they know where they are at your website at any given point, Basically, this helps them for not to getting lost on your website.
    8. Slider / Image:
      Once your visitor scrolls down a bit he is basically seeing your home page centre page which we call Above the Fold.
      You can have a nice looking picture / quote / slider here (remember to keep all images as a compress as possible, so they load fast). I will talk about loading your website faster part later in the article.
      How to create a website
    9. Crucial Business Information:
      Next, your website should clearly display your office location or some award you won, That can create a credibility in your field.
    10. Testimonials & Reviews:
      People love to read about other people Review, Like what they think about you / your company/ your restaurant or even your blog. Do display review of your customer for people to refer, research shows that a video based review work even better. so go out take out your camera and talk to existing customer if they want to put their feedback online ?
    11. Main Features:
      It’s basically the centre of your main page, what we generally refer as Below the fold , this area can be used for listing your products or your key selling items.
    12. Quality Content:
      Your content is the key selling point of your website, even search engine love quality content. We as SEO Company always says contact is the king of the website
    13. Internal links: 
      With quality content you should also be considering linking your content with relative more information, This could be linked to your internal pages.
    14. Contact Information:
      Footer area is as important as any part of your website, You can add your contact information in this area, as footer is noticeable from every page.
    15. Business hours:
      People will like to know when can you be reached, displaying your working hours will be a good idea here.
    16. Social Media:
      Make sure you are also reachable through social media. Create a page on Facebook and account in different social media network like Twitter, YouTube and others and remember to link your profile to your website footer.
    17. Online Chat Feature:
      If you want to provide quick support to your customer, consider setting up live chat service. This will help your visitors to get in touch with you quickly and effectively.
    18. Newsletter Signup:
      Sometimes people will like to keep hearing from you, Ask them if they want to signup for your newsletter.
    19. Navigation:
      Just like header navigation, You should also consider having a footer navigation. As footer is also visible on every page.

 Inner Pages  

Inner pages are other pages of your website which can be linked from your header navigation, footer navigation or from the internal links.  You can have a different type of internal pages like :

    1. Contact Form:
      I am sure everyone wants to be contacted by their visitors, So Have to contact us page as your inner page with a contact form on it.
      How to make a website
    2. Captcha:
      Captcha helps you bring down spam, You can try using google captcha or any other captcha.
    3. About Us:
      Build a personalised about us inner page. Talk about yourself in this page, tell about your achievement and Aim and maybe about your team.
    4. Inner Page Content:
      You can have any numbers of inner pages (apart from above listed) but remember to follow F pattern applied to all the pages. What is F Pattern ? A well-written article about F pattern is posted on tutsplus.
    5. Privacy Policy Page:
      if your website is collecting user information (even its only email address from Newsletter) then you should have Privacy Policy inner page.
      how to make website
    6. FAQ Page:
      Why should you have a FAQ Page ? well because people have the question and mostly same type of question, So why not make a FAQ page which will make your and your visitor’s life simpler.
    7. Blog Page:
      Never underestimate the power of content and blog is the best way of adding new content to your website.


The blog itself is such a big topic that I decided to have detail section for it. If you just want to start a blog refer my past article about how to start a blog or how to start blog for free but for now remember to have these following expat :

    1. Search Function:
      As you will keep adding new article old article may get lost, Having a search option will help users to find any topic on your website.
      How to create a website
    2. Social Media Share Button:
      How to make a website ?  is a good question but How to share your website ? consider having a share button below every article of your blog. Any article can go viral 😉
    3. Comment Feature: 
      Like I said before people can always have a query. By giving comment option you are giving an opportunity to your visitors to interact with you on the article topic.
    4. Sidebar:
      Showing your other post most popular blog post or tags in a sidebar will attract visitors to explore other topics in your blog.

 Other Design / Content Points to Consider  

Keep in mind below points in all pages of your website, Like :

    1. Links that are easy to recognise:
      Make all links in your website easy to spot, let it be in your article or any part of your website.
      how to make a website
    2. Clean Font:
      Easily readable font is always recommended for your website. do not use fancy fonts which are hard to read.
    3. Mobile Responsive:
      75% of internet user visit websites from mobile devices. your website should be future ready and user-friendly. Design a mobile friendly and responsive website which can be browsed from any device without compromising your design.
    4. Ham Burger Menu:
      In Mobile device, your Header Navigation should be converted into Ham Burger style Menu.


Oh My God, This is such big topic which needs to be updated from time to time. I have listed some at Google website ranking factor – The complete list and I keep updating them. But at the same time you should also keep SEO factor in mind while designing your website, like :

    1. Automatic Sitemap Creation:
      A sitemap is kind of map for your website, It shows every page in your website and how to access them.
      how to create website
    2. Page Titles:
      Your CMS or any other platform you are using should give you full access to easily update your page title and meta descriptions.
    3. URL Structure:
      Apart from Page title URL structure is very important factors for your SEO factor of your website. URL structure also helps search engines to improve indexing of your website.

 Server / Hosting 

You made that awesome website, but it is very important that it stays online. Choose your hosting service wisely and keep following things in mind:

    1. Good reliable fast hosting:
      Don’t just look for cheap hosting as your bullet point to select any hosting provider, If you are low budget start with a minimum plan like Linux Shared Hosting and the upgrade to even dedicated server as and when to require, but choose a right company. No one likes downtime.
      how to create a website
    2. Security:
      Always make sure your website is secure to start with keep strong password in all login area and install an SSL certificate for more power to your security.
    3. Backup:
      Things go wrong no matter how much preparation you have taken. Having a backup service active will make sure that your data is kept secure for bad days. Contact your hosting provider for this.

 Technical Requirements,  

This is a fact, Website is just not about designing. To make a website you should have some basic technical skill and you should keep following things in mind:

    1. Use of CMS:
      The content management system will make your life easy for sure. use CMS like WordPress will do most your job mentioned in this article.
    2. Cross Browser Compatible:
      Like different mobile device people also uses a different browser, make sure your website is cross browser compatible.

    3. Google Analytics:
      Analytics gives an insight of how users are behaving in your website. This helps you to take smart and critical decision for your website.
    4. Google Webmaster:
      Like google analytics tells you what’s happening on your website, Google webmaster help you to understand how your website is behaving in the search engine.
    5. Speed and Fast Loading Website:
      People love fast loading website, Keeping your website on right hosting platform help maintaining loading speed, There are other tweaks you can perform to make your website load fast.how to create a website
    6. Use Browser Cache:
      Browser Cache and other types of cache also help to build a fast website.
    7. Schema.org:
      Use of proper schema will help your website to list properly in any search engine.

Things to avoid on your website, if you can

Now, enough of what you can do let’s talk about what you should not do on your website.

    1. Don’t use flash elements:
      Flash is old fashioned now and also make your website heavy to load. So try not to use them.
      Things to avoid in your website
    2. Background Music:
      Everyone love music but not on your website as a background music. Sometimes it even forces people to close your website.
    3. Do not upload video:
      You can always integrate videos from Youtube or other video sharing website but uploading it to your server will only increase your running cost. So avoide it.

Those are the some basic points to be consider before you start makeing your website. Let me know if you have any query or feedback on the comments below, I will be happy to help.


I’ve been helping businesses to be online for over 15 years. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age.