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How To Delete Gmail Account

Gmail is no doubt a great free service but some time you want to delete your gmail account. 

It can be a personal or you want to move to better email solution. 

These quick and quick and easy step by step guide will help you answer your question about how to delete gmail account permanently.

how to delete gmail account

How To Delete Gmail Account - Step By Step Guide

  1. Login To Your Gmail Account

    First you need to login into your www.gmail.com account. (You can not delete your gmail account without login 😉 )

  2. Goto Accounts

    Once logged in, need to look into the right side of the computer screen. 
    You will notice a grid icon, click on it and you will see a pop drop just like the screenshot below.  


  3. In the next page look for account preference on last box on the screen (3rd box)

    delete gmail account step3

  4. Under the next page click on delete product under the delete account or services.

    If you have more then one services linked with the same ID, then you can select which services you want to delete.

    This mean if you are using youtube using the same gmail id, then you can choose to keep youtube and only delete gmail services. 

    This come handy in the event you do not want to remove other services and only want to delete gmail services which is a type of email services

    delete gmail account permanently step5

  5. The next optional step will allow you to download your gmail data.
    This help to keep a backup of your emails (Just in case). 

    Once downloaded (if you want) you can click on the trash button in front of gmail service in the same page.

  6. Alternative Email Account.
    This is a important step, you need to keep two things in the mind, first it should not be a gmail account and 2nd you should have access this email id for coming steps for deleting your gmail account permanently.

    alternate email account step6
    Once you click on “Send Verification Email.” the gmail will send you verification email to confirm your action on your alternative email account.

    Login to your alternative email account which you have just provided. 
    You must have received an confirmation email from gmail to delete account. 

    Follow the on screen instruction and your done deleting gmail account permanently. 

This video will give you the demonstration of above steps to delete gmail account permanently. 

You have deleted your free gmail account, what next ? 
Well, I recommend going for business email services.

Business email solution gives you more control and preset you in professional manner compare to free email services like gmail.  

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