How to get best from your Shared Hosting

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How to get best from your Shared Hosting
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How to get best from your Shared Hosting

Shashi kant Pandidhar

Brings the beast out from your shared hosting service by applying these tweaks configuration in your website.

Shared Hosting is best solution for kickstarting your new website. Let it be a Linux Shared Hosting or .Net based Windows Shared Hosting but once your website is grown up to next level and people started loving you and your website the next challenge is to handle so much of love (Traffic).

Well, this is the time  most of the Hosting Provider will ask you to upgrade your hosting service  to either VPS Hosting or dedicated server but in most of the cases the budget is tight and customers may not want to spend for new high-end resources. You may not need to upgrade in all cases apply these steps one by one and see if you are able to serve your website in shared hosting as these tweaks will give you that extra edges without increasing your budget drastically.


  1. Apply CDN:
    There are several free CDN hosting Provider one of them is, Just by applying CDN in your website, You will bring down your server load by 60% There is free CDN provider to take care of all basics. The next level of CDN hosting will be your next benchmark.
  2. Optimizing your OpenSorce:
    If you are using OpenSorce application like WordPress or Magento try optimizing them to the best. These articles will guide you in details “How to optimize WordPress website” and “How to Optimize Magento“.
  3. Use different service for different functions:
    You don’t need to use all the functions of shared hosting like email service, mysql  “as all in one package”.
  • If you are using any database like Mysql or MSSql try to host it on a different server, You can get Dedicated MYSQL server or MSSQL server at much lower cost than VPS or dedicated server.
  • Do you send Mass Mail to your follower or transaction emails from your website using the traditional local mail server of your shared hosting? If your answer is Yes, Then you should consider sending mail using third party tools like Mandrill this will bring down your server load and at the same time take care of your bounce emails.
  • Use Buisness Email Solution for sending personal mail (Communication Emails). Use external mail servers for your mail exchange this will make sure that all your critical mail services are always in ON Mode even in high traffic time.

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