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How To Host A Website – A Step By Step Guide

We are the generation of millennials where everything is online.

However, the problem is that even if everything is online, we don’t know certain things about the Internet.

Not knowing everything is entirely okay, or if you see it my way – it’s HUMAN.

And because I feel that just like me there are “human beings” out there who might need help with something.

And thus, here I am! To help you with something which you didn’t know (probably).

I am here to help you figure out how to host a website in a super simple way.

Hosting is required, when you need your website to be seen publicly. 

To host a website you need hosting, and either you can build your own server (The Hard Way) or you can take service from hosting provider to host a website (The Easy Way). 

As this is a Beginner’s Guide for “How to host a website”, I will go with the 2nd option for this article (The Easy Way). 

Before I go on the subject matter of the article, I need to tell you something essential.

In this perfect world out there, where everyone thinks of themselves as a genius (who knows everything) just stop trying to fit in.

What I mean is that stop demeaning yourself if you don’t know everything.

how to host a website


You can always learn, right? And that’s why you came to this webpage, to learn.

This article is for all those people out there who wish to learn something today.

This article is for those who are willing to do something different with their lives.

Quite dramatic, isn’t it?

Okay, okay, let’s get to the subject matter without any further delays.

What Kind of website you have ?

Before we can narrow down the type of web hosting services, You must know what kind of website you want to host.

There are two kinds of websites:


Static or Basic Websites

These are the simple kinds of websites which have one or two pages (called HTML pages).

You can build these pages on your computer with the help of a software.

Then, you can upload these pages to the server of your host using any FTP software.

Whenever you are required to make any changes to your website, you should edit the pages on your computer and upload them again.

Since these pages cannot be modified dynamically, these websites are known as static websites.

Static websites are quite cheaper than the dynamic websites, however, with limited functionality and no choice for eCommerce or interactivity.

If you want to know how to create a website, I will recommend reading how to create a website – The Epic way.


Dynamic Websites

These websites include information which changes depending upon the time of the day, the viewer, and other factors.

They use both client-side and server-side scripts to create and update content.

Client-side scripts run on a user’s computer, and thus, are mainly used for the purposes of appearance and interaction.

Server-side scripts reside on a server and are used by eCommerce and social networking sites and thus, allow users to have individual accounts and provide a customized response for every user.

These websites are driven by CMS and thus, allow you to add and edit content directly.

It also lets your visitors leave comments and start off with discussions.

Dynamic websites are better for businesses and organizations.

A few examples of dynamic websites include forums, photo galleries, blogs, and eCommerce sites.


Now, You know what kind of website you have.

Before you start to host your own website, you may want to be aware of what does it mean to host a website on your own?

Basically, hosting a website means that you put all your website files on a particular computer which is known as a server.

What does Hosting Server Do?

It makes your website accessible, and thus, anyone can visit your site.

To ensure that your website is accessible across the globe, the servers or special computers have the software installed on them which is known as the webserver.

The basic job of a web server is to accept incoming requests and respond by directing the requested page to the user’s browser.

Before you host your own website, there are two things which you must know.

● Domain Name

It is because of the domain name that users will be able to reach your website.

A domain name is nothing but the address of your website which users will type in when they wish to visit your website.

In short, a domain is one of the friendly ways to connect user’s browsers to the website server, which is associated with that particular domain name.

That is all okay but, from where to get this domain name?

The answer to this question of yours is straightforward. Buy one! Okay, I will elaborate.

How to register a domain name ?

First thing first, You need to get the best catching domain name that should be easy to remember. 

If you want a some help about how to choose a right domain name, then you can refer to the article I have written about How To Choose Perfect Domain Name For Your Website?

Once you are narrow down the domain name you want, you can start searching for the availability of the domain name and if its available you can register the domain name from domain name registration page.   


Name Server Update

Once you have purchased the right web hosting, you will be provided with Name Servers, known as DNS or Domain Name Servers.

DNS is Internet’s equivalent to a phone book which contains IP Addresses.

In order to get your website up and to work, you’ll be required to change the DNS.

It is a simple process; however, it’s mandatory for you to get started.

That’s how you go with the process.

  • Go to the Domain Control Panel through
  • Type in your registered email address and password.
  • Click on Domain Name for which you are required to change Domain Name Servers.
  • In the section of Domain Registration, click on the option of Name Servers.
  • You can replace the existing DNS with the current web host, and then you can click on the option Update Name Servers.

If you have registered your DNS with a third party, you’ll be required to log in to their Control Panel, and then you can update the Name Servers of the domain.

However, if the domain is already using the DNS of the third-party provider, you may add an A Record for the domain.

Once you have changed your DNS, it will take up to 24-48 hours for your website to resolve.

Selecting a right Web Hosting Type

How To Host A Website - A Step By Step Guide

It is entirely understood that a smaller website would require fewer resources as compared to a more extensive and more accessible website.

An accessible website requires resources to operate it efficiently.


Shared Hosting (Easy Way To Host A Website)

This service is more suitable for smaller websites, businesses, and blogs. In short, this is for start-ups.

These websites can keep the costs low as multiple sites are allowed to share the resources of the same server.

Thus, it makes the services of hosting affordable.

There are further the types of shared hosting Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting.

Simplest way to host a website is shared hosting.

If you are using Microsoft technology like MSSQL, .NET application only then go for windows hosting. 

Most of the first time website owner go for Linux Hosting. 

So I will continue explaining about How to Host A Website for Linux Shared Hosting.

linux hosting

Best Plan For Static WebSite

If you are having a simple static website, With 10-15 pages.
I highly recommend this 50 GB Linux Basic Plan

Ordering A Web Hosting Plan and Hosting A WebSite

Simply visit Linux Hosting page and select the plan you feel the is best suited for you. 

Once the order is completed, you will get the login detail on your email. 

Now that you’re through with above steps, you can now upload your website to your account by connecting to the server.

You can upload either using cPanel’s FTP Client or File Manager after which the website of yours will go public.

How to Upload Website Using cPanel File Manager –

  • Login to cPanel.
  • Click on the icon with a title File Manager.
  • You will have to select Web Root and then click on Go.
  • Then, add all the files and folders under public_html and respective folders of the domain.

How to Upload Your Website Using FTP Client –

You can connect to FTP through an FTP program such as FileZilla Client.

It provides you with a chance to see the files and folders on your server like you’ll see them on your computer.

You will have to use it to drag and drop your website’s data into the folder named /public_html/.

To connect it to the server via an FTP program, you can follow these steps –

  • Install FTP program – FileZilla and open it.
  • Select Site Manager from the File Menu.
  • Click on the New Site.
  • You should name the New Site with your real domain name.
  • You can enter your website’s IP address in the field marked with FTP address.
  • Then, you’ll have to enter username and password which you receive in a welcome email.
  • Then, you’ll have to set the port to 21 (FTP runs on Port 21).
  • And then, click on connect.

Once FTP is connected, you will notice the files and folders of your –


  • Local Computer to left
  • Web hosting service to the right-side

To upload files to your hosting service provider via an FTP program, follow the steps –


  • Select the files and folders from the left-hand side of FileZilla; you wish to upload.
  • You’ll be required to drag and drop the files and folders to a directory location on the right-side of web hosting service. After this, FileZilla will start uploading.
  • Once the upload is finished, FileZilla log will confirm success, and your uploads can be seen on the right-hand side.

And there you go! Your website is live.

if you want to consider other hosting type, I will explain you the brief below.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is also a shared hosting environment.

However, this provider provides you with a flexible set of services in order to handle large traffic spikes.

If I put it in simpler words for you, you get a private server of your own, which is partitioned. This partitioned server allows you to manage from your hosting control panel.

This way, you are provided with the best of both worlds – low cost since it is shared hosting and flexibility of the dedicated resources.

This hosting is ideal for medium-sized businesses, eCommerce stores, and popular blogs.

We have dedicated page for VPS Hosting and provide wide range of VPS Hosting Services In India

Dedicated Hosting

This kind of hosting services gives you the entire server, which is dedicated to your own website.

Here, you will be provided with all the resources of the server, advanced tools for server management, personal operating system, and it also provides you with the ability to install your own software.

This way, you can manage your own server which may require a few technical skills.

It is, in short, an advanced option for the websites which are on a very large scale and thus, require high-performance to handle the higher traffic volume.

This hosting service is ideal for hugely popular websites, eCommerce stores, and enterprise-level business.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a specialized hosting service which is made specifically for WordPress.

It is more of a concierge service for your WordPress website.

Since it is a managed hosting platform, it is hosting company which takes care of updates, backups and caching of your website.

Thus, it allows you to lay more emphasis on creating content and the expansion of your business.

This service is ideal for membership websites, popular blogs, and business websites.

If you want wordpress specialised hosting then you must consider this type of hosting

Even though you have all the information you require about web service providers, it is quite a tedious task to choose the right plan while hosting a website.

Since I’ve already pointed out that different hosting plans come with different server configuration and pricing.

However, you have to choose a program which will suit your needs and budget the best.

Since we are sure of nothing (life, in general), it is always recommended to begin with a low-cost shared hosting plan and gradually widen your horizons as the business grows.

This approach allows you to save money, and you pay only for the services you require at that time.

The other very common question which comes up in the mind of people is of the cost.

How much will it Cost to Host a Website?

The answer to this query is that the costs of hosting a website vary depending upon several factors.

Some of the factors are –

  • The hosting plan which you have chosen.
  • Once your business starts to expand, you may have to spend money on other things such as software extensions, website templates, and other services.
  • Your goal would be to purchase only what you need and use free tools whenever you get the chance to.

One of the other common questions which which is to be addressed is – If you can Host a Website on Your Own Computer? If yes, then how?

The answer to the first part of your question is YES; you can host a website on your computer.

However, the only reason you should be hosting a website on your computer is when you want to test your website locally before you make it public on the Internet.

Several beginners find it helpful to learn WordPress, web development, and coding by installing a local server on their computer.

It is not recommended, though, to host a website using a local server and to make it available for the public.

The reasons for that are –

  • To operate a web server, you are required to have a high-speed internet connection 24 hours a day.
  • You will be required to install updates for the webserver software, plan on a backup server, keep backups and whatnot.
  • The computer which will be hosting your website will be open to hacking attempts, DDOS attacks, and malware injection. Thus, it puts the security of all other computers at risk.
  • You will be required to buy a static IP address from your ISP – Internet Service Provider and thus will cost you more.

Besides these reasons, it requires a lot of time, effort, and technical skills.

Thus, it is a bad idea to host a website on a local computer all by yourself.


I’ve been helping businesses to be online for over 15 years. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age.


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