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Build Online Business In 30 Days

Developing Business is the state-of-the-art and traditional way of developing business has evolved.  This article will guide you to  transform your traditional offline business into an online business. 
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Build online business in 30 days

Thanks to Internet! We no longer live in an era where building a business need months to spend on advertisement, staff, and premises. You can start your online business within 30 days and market it online.  Following are few steps which will surely help entrepreneurs to cross few milestones.

Starting an online business is not as easy as it seems from outside.  They say, “Everything comes with a price”. Hence, I have included estimated cost for each step in the following process. Spend money to make money.

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Why you should read this article?

To keep up with the fast-moving digital world and consumer you should read this article. Moreover, if you are a blogger or want to make online money as a part-time or run a side hustle website then you should read How to make money through blogging guide

The estimated cost is considered as a bare minimum cost in India and will be further divided into two sessions “Learning and Doing (DIY) or Cost Of Expert.”

The article is further divided as per focus business, like E-commerce business, Service-Oriented and Manufacturing.  

Start E-commerce Business Online In India

Join The Third Party Seller Program

If you want to keep things as simple as possible then this is the fastest mode to go online.

In India, online e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM mall sell products through the seller. Many of these companies do not own or manufacture their product, 90% of the products sold online are from a regular seller next door!


Ever noticed why Amazon advertises themselves as “Apni Dukan” (Our Own Shop). 

All of the seller platforms provide you with a bridge between customers and the seller. They collect online payment from customers and handle warehousing and logistic.

As a seller, you need to maintain inventory SKU (stock-keeping unit). Once the order is placed through any of the online party, pickup will be provided by these platforms. In return, they charge a small fee per order. 

Listed below are some of the Indian e-commerce company which provide these solutions.

Additionally, you must have a registered GST business in India. 

Skills Required

Estimated Cost

Government is not charging a single penny for allotting GSTIN. Whatever charges we used to hear from various people are the professional fees which we used to pay to the GST practitioners for providing this service of GST registration. ₹ 0
A consultant will charge you a nominal fees and will upload all your required document to GST portal. ₹ 2000
If you have a small inventory you can always manage your inventory by your self. ₹ 0
Depending upon your inventory size this cost may change you may also required to take photo's of your product. ₹ 1000
₹ 0
₹ 3000
If your products are not changing regularly then you will not require to change your inventory regularly. ₹ 0
If you have a large Inventory which need regular updation and tally with your local sales. You should hire a regular store keeper with basic computer skills. ₹ 6000

Start Your E-Commerce Website


So, you have decided to have much higher control over your selling platform.

Now, we have two option to go with. Either a hosted solution or using a self-hosted E-commerce solution. 

The hosted solution is like Shopify and the self-hosted solution are like Magento or woo-commerce solutions which will require some additional skills and are expensive to manage. 

However, they both have their own pros and cons. 

Magento Vs Woo-Commerce Vs Shopify

Self Hosted
Self Hosted
Cost To Own
₹15000 to ₹37500
₹15000 to ₹57500
₹25000 to ₹30000
Ease Of Use
Advance Skills Required
Advance Skills Required
No Skills Required
Product Type
6 Core Products
6 Core Products
2 Core Products
Multi Store Management
Inventory Management
3 Built-In Payment Gateway Options
2 Built-In Payment Gateway Options
70 Built-In Payment Gateway Options
Themes and Templates
100 + Free and Paid Themes
100 + Free and Paid Themes
100 + Free and Paid Themes
Integration extensions and Apps
over 2100 extension
over 5000 extension
over 2100 extension
Very Large And Active
Very Large And Active

Once you have decided the platform you want to go with, follow these easy steps to start your online journey.

Create Your Identity

Time Required: 1 Day (1 Day Passed)

No matter which platform you select from above, you need identity only under your E-commerce website. 

Just like you when a baby is born, the first thing parents decide the name of the child in the same way you need to decide a name for your online store. 

In the online world, this is called Domain registration

The time required to register a domain name will not be more than 20 minutes, however, spend some time to brainstorm the name before your click on that registration button. 

Now, in case, you decide to go with a hosted solution, then you can simply signup for Shopify Store from here

In case, if you have decided to go with a self-hosted solution and need more power in your hand then select your hosting plan carefully. 

In case, if you select Magento then go with Magento hosting.

In case, if you select to go with Woo-Commerce then go with WordPress Hosting as Woo-Commerce is a plugin of WordPress. 

These are specialized hosting plans, designed as per industry standards.   

Analyze Your product and Identify Your Potential Buyer

Time Required: 2-3 Days (4 Days Passed)

Knowing your own product thoroughly will help you to list out your USP’s (Unique Sale Points). Once you list out your USP’s, you need to list out the targeted audience for your products/ services.

For instance, if I am selling a marker pen my target audience will be schools, colleges, training institutes and corporates.

Do research on their buying habits (refer: – IMARC and Tech Sciresearch).

Do Several Research

Time Required: 3-4 Days (8 Days Passed)

Even if you are hiring someone to build your e-commerce website, it is always better to have some insight of your business. 

Here are some great courses, I will recommend you to go through in this stage.

Select your course as per your requirement.

All the Shopify basics PLUS pro branding and user experience insights to create a premium look and feel for your store

Learn how to use the world’s #1 eCommerce platform and set up your own online store

This course includes my free premium WordPress theme and 2 premium plugins. Let’s build a beautiful e-commerce store.

Unveil your Design!

Time Required: 2-3 Days (11 Days Passed)

As of now, you should have a fair idea of what your customer needs and base on this knowledge you can select your design for the right type of audience. 

The design will be a key factor to keep your stand out from the online crowd. 

List down your products

Time Required: 1-2 Days (13 Days Passed)

Once your design is sorted, its time to upload your product list or your inventory. 

Focus should be at the main product on the home page. 

Content writing of the site should provide information about products/ services, 360-degree view, designing of the site should have lucid experience with immediate migrations to related information pages.

For instance, “Instant Buy”, “Sign up” OR“ Subscribe now” and decent presentation. In an ideal situation, the informative website should be 4-6 pages and Ecommerce website should be 6-10 pages.

Reaching Out and Understanding The Client

Time Required: 4-8 Days (21 Days Passed)

You have made a fantastic website, but this is not enough, its time to go public.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines keywords need to selected wisely, linking to another networking site like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube would make hopeful difference. Make use of some self -site analytics like spider and Crawl.

PPC i.e. Pay per click is another easy way to increase clicks of your web site, PPC ads show up on the search pages instantly, and second, PPC ads take you to test different keywords, then headlines, prices and selling methods.

It’s time you can seed the keywords in the entire site in your copy and code, which will help your rankings crop to grow faster.

Now the customer has risen up the expectation from you because you built attune with them so it’s time to make what customer want and not what you build and customize according to their need.

Communicate with client, understand their difficulties (what to post), form forum (Just say Hi), update every single thing (when to Post), show them testimonials, offer them loyalty bonus or referral program, make them your brand ambassador and let them only do the word of mouth publicity

Pro Tip: (don’t do any MLM, give them a discount point on writing reviews).

Build A Website For Your Service

Online business does not always mean E-commerce. 

If you have a service to offer, you need a good presentable website. 

online business

You can be a teacher, a service provider, car rental service or even a club, no matter what kind of service you provide you still need a website to give a boost to your existing business. 

Over here just like E-commerce businesses you need a domain name.  

I will recommend having a specific TLD as per your business type.

For instance, you are a Bank and provide banking services, then you can select .Bank Extension domain name for your domain name or you are an actor and want to upload your profile online then .actor domain name will be your right choice. 

Domain Name Registration

The domain name is your Online Identity

The domain name can start with a price range of Rs.90 to Rs.900 depending upon offers and TLD. 

Before registering a domain name, I will highly recommend reading an article  How to choose a domain name once you have your domain name loud and clear in your mind, you can register your domain name from here

The World Wide Web with other modern techniques has made it progressively easy for companies to run an online business  and an online brand successfully. 

With the expansion in an online environment, it has also developed the potential for any individual to have a commercial presence on the web. 


You need to step out in market to grow.

There will be obstacles and roadblocks along the way, but as long as you push ahead and learn from mistakes, there’s nothing that’ll block your success. 


  1. Sell homemade products like apparel, jewelry, food, decorations, frames, DIY, personalized gifts, potted plants, bakery products, paper or cloth bags, paintings, etc.
  2. Start on-print demand business (mug, tee, pillows, bedsheet, covers, etc.).
  3. Merge with existing eCommerce business.
  4. Expertise in your service may it be home-tutor, freelancing or personal trainer, dietician, dog walker, designer, or baker.
  1. Invest in market research and finalize your idea. Validate your business ideas.
  2.  Affix if entrepreneurship is what you want.
  3. Put down your business plan, set roadmap and make it legal.
  4. Arrange funds for business and pick a location to run your ideas.
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