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Social Media Marketing

Revolutionize Your SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING With These 5 Easy-peasy Tips
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You can’t possibly quantify the huge benefits of using social media as a marketing weapon. Bloggers are the most prolific people on earth, considering the great thoughts they fly through their minds daily. Even at that, they still coordinate the thoughts, bring them under control, take simple words and turn them into powerful life-transforming information.

And most importantly, they make money from their efforts. You stated that awesome website and even created a great created worth reading content but when you incorporate social media marketing into these lines of controlled systems, your success would be widely spoken of. If you’re not well spoken of outside the blogosphere, growing your blog is like climbing Mount Everest. Make it worthwhile; follow these five tested social media marketing ideas and blossom like the hibiscus flower.

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Organize Your Priorities

What is your motivating factor in business? Is it money, fame, influence, Google top 10, or what? Until you answer this question, every other step you take would be leading you off the celebration path. You’ve got to set your priorities right and pinpoint one thing that moves you.

This unique “pusher” is what sharpens your actions whether you realize it or not. A lot of bloggers are so desperate for money and that has become the pivot that controls them. Of course, you would know a money-conscious blogger or writer; look at the words and sentences they use. It’s going to sound cheesy and full of marketing fallacies.

We’re yet to answer the question of what your motivation factor is. Point #3 has all the answers. Read on…

Put Money Where It Belongs

We all know that the world revolves around money and all the things it can afford. But be warned, when making money at the expense of your prospects’ becomes your controlling force, the journey begins to cower.

No matter what strategies you use, it would still come to futility until you bend your knees and put money where it belongs. You make money by solving problems. It may be an internet marketing problem, health-related problems like viral tonsillitis disorder. Whatever it, ensure you solve that problem before asking for rewards.

Let me illustrate –

When an author launches his book and starts selling, there is a kind of exchange going on. You hand him your money and he delivers the book to you. At that moment, he still has the copyright to that information, but the book has become yours forever.

Where does the money go then? To the author but that happened right after an exchange. So, before you can make money from your blog, your affiliate site, or any other legal online business, you’ve got to give first before you extend your hands to receive. The question is, “what are you giving that is worthy of monetary exchange?” Think about it and consider this next line…

Put Prospects First

Pleasing prospects should be your motivating factor! As we put God first in everything that matters to us, in business we should put prospects first. When prospects become your priority, your chances of growing and expanding are highly improved.

A prospect is someone you’re marketing to. He/she is still contemplating whether you’re the right person with the right solution. At this point in their lives, they are weary of internet marketers. Who knows if they have fallen prey to some B.S marketers?

By giving out the best information in a timely and interesting manner, the odds of losing that one prospect is diminished. Bring out the best in them by being honest, timely, and concerned.

See Prospects As Friends

The time has come when your social media marketing activities should move a step ahead. The competition is getting hotter by the second, if you don’t create new means to communicate with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and social fans; it’s going to be pretty difficult to convert them into customers.

Invest time wisely in social media marketing

Where are you from? The United States uses the Dollar as its currency. Japan’s currency is the Yen. Well, the earth is also a great nation that housed several sub-nations scattered the world over. The earth surely has a currency and it’s “TIME.”

Time is the currency of the earth and if you trade it wisely, you’ll exchange a lot of and make more money. Everyone is allotted 24 hours every day, how do you spend it when there is so much to do?

Isn’t it better to achieve 10 results in a day than achieving 3? Here is the rule of thumb: automate your social media marketing campaigns. Instead of posting on Twitter every day when you barely have time to write quality articles, use automation tools like or to make it faster use You can also start investing your money in Google Adwords and make your community larger.

With thousands of social media tools out there, you can’t run out of marketing offers and content.

Social media marketing: Time for action

A business that lacks social media marketing ideas like the above is bound to scale slowly. You can’t possibly trust your personal instinct at all times with the hope that all would be well in the future.

You’ve got to take the right actions, have clear written goals, and be ready to make adjustments when the need arises.

I’m giving you a wake-up call. Business success is a by-product of stepping out and doing the “extra.” Set your priorities right and see you ahead!



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