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Indian Banks with API Support

Indian Banks With API Support Are Bound To Make An Impact on Digital Transformation. Check out these best AEPS APIs providers in India.
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Indian bank api

The fintech and finance industries are battling high towards providing a better customer experience.

APIs are also known as Application Programming Interface ease the interaction between application databases and devices to deliver data and creates connectivity.

If you are eyeing the best banking API to integrate with your application, website, mobile, or software application then this is the most suitable article you’re reading. Let’s dive into which are the best Indian banks with API support.

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What is an API?


Application Programming Interface (API) makes the interaction between devices and applications database to deliver data and create connectivity.

API in Banking Services

Enhanced efficiency, reliability, and customer banking services make the customer experience incredible.

Third-party companies use a particular interface to access a certain set of services provided by the bank and this is enabled by API. This is how API works.

In banking terms, through dedicated API bank offers third-party access to its customed services. Here bank offers all features and tools to the developers to build efficient API.

In a certain way, both the bank and the third party are augmented their specialties and services to the customers.

API in India

In April 2016, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) developed a single-window mobile payment system that allows users to transfer funds between different bank accounts, also known as Unified Payment Interface (UPI) whose initiative was launched by RBI.

APIs are one of the upswings in the Indian banking system. Later, banks in India started developing their own API services. 

SO, in 2021 many banks offer upgraded multiple banking services under one application.

There are numerous activities included in banking such as Loans, Accounts & Deposits, Cards, Insurance, Payment Gateway, etc. Third-party make use of these APIs in numerous ways. 

Indian Banks with API Support


In January 2020, ICICI Bank launched India’s largest API Banking portal with nearly 250 APIs.

ICICI API developer portal allows third-party companies or developers to develop solutions freely. All the banking solutions are offered conveniently to the customers with ICICI AEPS API. Easily avail banking services for businesses. Make smooth transactions, UPI, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Fastag payments without any worries.

Numerous APIs such as Business Banking, accounts & deposits, cards & loans, corporate API suite, API services, payment & UPI, etc are available by ICICI.

ICICI banks offer developers to test their solutions on a sandbox environment. For end-to-end real-time testing, developers can upgrade to the UAT environment, post-signing an NDA with the bank.


  1. Go to the ICICI developer page
  2. Sign up for an ICICI developer account.
  3. If authorized, an email will be sent to your respective email id for verification.
  4. To select API go to the documentation pages.
  5. Test the API.

Yes Bank

Make financial data integration secure and smooth with Yes Bank API.

Earlier transactions used to happen using DD, cheque, cash, or internet banking, but now with the power of API banking transaction has become much simpler.

YES Bank API banking services include Inward remittance, Electronic collections, salary payments, Prepaid Cards and Expense Management Accounts, and Cardless Cash Withdrawals, Partner payments through NEFT/ IMPS – domestic.

You can find and request all the required APIs provided by Yes bank here.

YES Bank developer portal is a platform to provide access, to developers and startups to actual YES Bank APIs. These APIs seek to enable you to innovate and enhance your products and services.

For using and accessing APIs in the sandbox environment there is no cost associated for now.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra allows solutions developers, fin-tech partners, technology leaders to use their open API to build new applications, experiment with ideas, and enhance customer-centric platforms, thereby creating a collaborating ecosystem. Developers need to register and verify their details on the bank’s portal before accessing the APIs.

All you need to do is register, build, experiment, and go live!

The Developer Connect portal offers access to the PAyment APIs and Lending APIs.

So the has simplified the digital payments and management of payment flow so the fintech industries can center on their core business.


DBS rapid API banking integration undergoes massive and enhanced digitization, speed, and interconnectivity features.

How to apply?

  1. Visit the DBS website.

DBS APIs provide all the necessary bank-related information to you that includes numerous APIs related to cash and trade. APIs that allow you to perform transactional banking services are RTGS, ACT, NEFT, TT, UPI PAY, UPI Collect, and Trade APIs such as Account Payable Finance (API), Account Receivable Finance (ARF), LC Presentment, and Export Direct Collection (EDC).

Final Thoughts

API is an ultimate initiative in a way to eliminate barriers between businesses and core banking services. This will gradually help in improving the fintech and finance industry, and the quality of services provided by them in India.

Open banking APIs are considered to be the biggest achievement in fintech industry. 

Kotak, Yes Bank, RBL, DCB are some of the various banks providing open banking API.

  1. Visit Official API Portal of the bank.
  2. Browse all the APIS offered by the Bank.
  3. Create and activate account.
  4. Your account will be verified through email.
  5. Start using API services.



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