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Helping bank's, do more for their customers

Technology Partner For Banks

Explore the future of banking technology on the ever-changing cloud and IT infrastructure with Netspace™ (India) to help meet Banking’s evolving business IT needs and customer demands.

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.Bank Domain

Ensure security and strong encryption over the internet with .bank domain name.

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Cloud Solutions

Transform your IT infrastructure with proven and agile cloud data backup solutions.

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Web Hosting

Automate & simplify hosting journey with our highly configured servers.

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VPN Servers

With fully managed VPS Solution in India, we provide full flexibility & power to end-users.

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Authenticate ATM by securing the communications between the device and switchware.

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Backup Solutions

Reduce your working efforts with our auto-update & back up features.

Monitoring & Alerts

Monitoring & Alerts

Keep an eye on unauthorised hacks of your web pages with our monitoring tool.

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E-mail solutions

Get that finance & banking done right with our perfect professional email services.

Empowering financial services with data-driven insights

Cloud Solutions for Banks

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) services offered through our cloud partners are designed to meet the needs of financial institutions of all sizes in India.

.Bank Domain Name

Trust with our customers

In unfamiliar territory, we’re here to help you achieve your financial ambitions, whether you’re facing hosting challenges, server related issues, we are here to protect your business beyond edges. In this digital era, it’s tougher to see robust results and to keep up with the same, we’ve got you covered. And hence, we believe in offering exceptional full-time support to our valued customers.

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Best Practices

We believe best practices aid businesses improve services, products, security, and productivity while maximizing the value of investments. 

Hence, we provide one-to-one guidance from Netspace experts on your mission-critical priorities.

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Website Design For Banks In India

TLS Certificate For Bank ATMs

Revolution of Digital Banking in India

Enabling TLS is just not enough! A validated TLS certificate must be enabled and the correct certificate must be installed on the ATM to ensure cardholder data or machine data is not manipulated or intercepted. To know more visit here.

.Bank is 21st century bank extension especially designed for the banking community around the globe.

Banks of all sizes in India can now build a trusted, more secure, online identity due to a .bank domain name system and help secure online branding. Book .bank domain name now.

To secure user data, to prevent attackers from creating similar or fake version of your site, to convey trust to users visiting your website, and to verify ownership of your website you should surely activate SSL certificate for website.

A managed DNS lets you manage your  DNS traffic by using a web-based control panel.

The key point of deferment monitoring is to keep an eye on unauthorised hacks on your web page or entire website; mutilating its structure partially or whole.
The system will keep monitoring listed factors such as Text, Script, image, anchor, iframe, and link defacements, and alert the administrator.

Our monitoring tools covers multiple features, some of them are backup & restoring, disaster recovery, website and server monitoring. Apart from these the key features are it provides AI -powered anomaly detection, users are pro-actively informed about website status even on high-traffic days, monitor resolution time, identify DNS propagation issues, and verify the correctness of your domain’s DNS records, and much more. 

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