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All work and no play definitely makes Jack a dull boy. But if Jack is at work and is a victim of bullying, makes Jack a distressed boy. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, up to a third of workers may be the victims of workplace bullying. The data is upsetting. Employees who are bullied at their workplace show symptoms like absenteeism at work and low productivity. They may also show other psychosomatic symptoms like a hampered digestion, high blood pressure and insomnia. The psychological symptoms might include anxious behaviour, a lowered self-esteem, strained or troubled relationships with co-workers and even family and depression.

Workplace Bullying
Women are often bullied at work in the form of sexual harrassment

Say NO to workplace Bullying

It is indeed alarming to find that many grown up and men and women resort to playground tactics to try elbow out their co-workers to get ahead in their workplace.

Did you know that Indians work for 8.1 hours every day which is much more than what an average employee puts in at his workplace in other countries? This means an individual dedicates a major amount of his time at his workplace and spends a major chunk of his day with his co-workers.

It will not be an overstatement if one says that co-workers are ones family at our workplace. Studies have proven that your relationship with your co-workers whether positive or negative will have a direct effect on your performance as well as our over all job satisfaction.

You might find yourself at your best if you are working with people who boost your morale and lend unconditional support to you. On the other hand, if you land up with a co-worker(s) whose sheer motto at work is to make your life miserable ad bite your head off at every given opportunity. Even the most confident people’s self esteem take a backseat. This would result in poor concentration skills, missing deadlines unable to think creatively, establishing positive relationship with your client and poor job satisfaction. Hence it’s important to put your foot down and speak up for your selves if you feel emotionally and mentally strangulated at work.

Workplace Bullying

Threatening or bullying behaviour at work can take many forms. These could include undermining a colleague's competence or contribution, preventing a promotion, unfair treatment, denying colleagues an opportunity to grow and develop themselves, spreading grapevine rumours and using language that's  downright derogatory inappropriate for work.

Whether you are contending with a difficult co-worker who leaves no stone unturned to walk all over your self esteem or whether you are locking horns with an intimidating or bullying boss, the following five ways will help you steer clear of danger from office bullies and sail through the turbulent sea called workplace. Here are 5 ways to combat Workplace Bullying.

Workplace Bullying
Workplace Bullying often leaves employees depressed
  1. Recognize Harassment:

Presence of mind minds any situation present. Hence one has to be on one’s guards... always. Sometimes something as harmless as a joke can become a potential weapon of harassment against a co-worker.

Jokes can be taken too far thus making a co-worker at workplace feel uncomfortable or embarrassment. Statements intentionally made at targeting co-worker’s gender, family background, ethnicity, religion etc. These can hurt sentiments and can be a serious form of harassment. Commenting or passing nasty statements about a female co-worker’s dressing style could lead to a form of sexual harassment.

  1. Talk it out with HR.

If you are experiencing bullying and harassment that is harming your reputation at workplace and integrity, do not thik twie about repoting the colleague. It is important to reach out to someone who can handle the situation. Usually this involves management or HR.

3. Know Thy Rights

When you join a workplace, you learn about your duties and responsibilities at work. Your letter of appointment clearly bears whom you are supposed to report to at work and you should be careful you keep it that way unless an authority changes their instructions. Similarly it is also important to know what your rights are an exercise them when need arises.

Workplace Bullying
It is important to put your foot down when you should

4. Raise an alarm

If you have a feeling that a co-worker is stuffing work on your shoulders when you are already neck deep in your previously assigned work, you should be clearly able to understand if or not you have the right to the reject his plea/order. Except he request for additional work comes from your superior, you are doing nothing wrong if you politely say No. You are not answerable to anyone but your seniors. More often than not, many of us find ourselves agreeing to too many requests and taking on too many responsibilities. Do not bite mo than what you can chew. Most office bullies target those who could not bring themselves to say "no" to them.

5. Don’t blow your top:

Nothing can bother an office bully as much as seeing his pray all calm and composed when actually he had spread a trap for you to lose your head. Remember, by keeping your cool, the onlookers in the workplace will see you as a thorough professional. No matter what the bully say to you or about you to others, do not go defensive and go on explaining yourself to others. aising his/her voice at you. Do not feel intimidated or embarrassed, as that is exactly what the bully intended you to feel. Show that you are not affected by them and go on with your routine. Avoid the guilt trip.

Workplace harassment should be a strict NO-No. No matter who's in charge or who is meting out cold behaviour towards you, everyone deserves respect in their workplace.


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