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Lifetime Domain Registration India

With a Netspace (India) Lifetime Domain Registration Service, you just need to figure out what to do with all that extra time without reading renewal notices and managing payments!

Domain Names are the most important part of your online business and loosing it may end up loosing your entire business. 


lifetime domain registration india


With our Lifetime Domain Registration service, you never need to worry about domain renewal and accidental expiry of your Domain.  


Extra Layer Of Security For Your Domain Name

Your domain is secure for life. + you have full control of your domain name. Your domain will also get an extra layer of protection from included free Domain Lock service to prevent unauthorized transfer.

domain Renewal For Life

Save Money. Save Time. For Each Domain

For domains that you plan to keep renewing anyway, why keep wasting time and wasting money? Domain renewal rates are increasing at the rate of 6 - 20% every year. Pay one time and save money.

Don't Let This Happen To Your Domain Name

Lifetime domain registration | Purchase a domain name for lifeDomain registrar oversteps taking down Zoho domain, impacts over 30Mil users.

In 2018, Domain of Zoho.com went down as Zoho administrator ignored phishing notification sent by the domain registrar of Zoho.com.

After Which the domain went down and users of Zoho was not able to access the website. 

Read the full story here.

This could not happen to Netspace (India) customers of lifetime domain registration service as each customer under this plan comes with dedicated account manager how keep track of your domain compliance without any extra cost. 

lifetime domain nameBCCI website goes down for 24 hours after it forgets to renew the domain.

And thats not all the domain got expired and even put on auction at open market by the registrar of the domain name bcci.tv. 

In the end BCCI got back the control of the domain name but not before embarrassment and down time of the website. 

In April of 2012 the second largest online travel site for Indian tourists, responsible for up to 30% of the online travel-related transactions in India forgot to renew their domain name.


This one was a biggie back in 1999 when:

“Microsoft forgets to pay for domain renewal causing Hotmail (among other sites) to be impossible to reach for many users.”

You read that right, about 15 years ago, Microsoft forgot to renew their domain name passport.com and made the headlines, especially in the Linux community that was waking up at that time.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in 2003 again Microsoft forgot to renew an important domain, this time hotmail.co.uk!

Lifetime domain registration | Purchase a domain name for life

The above are the some examples of what could happen by a simple mistake or ignorance. 
You may ask what these big giant company did after the accident they had? 
Well, they started with own registry which give them full control of all the domain name they own, but owning and managing a ICCAN registry is not a easy job and certainly comes with high price tag. 

As a small company or a individual owning a registry is not an option, that is the reason we started a service called Lifetime Domain Registration Service, which comes with following features:

1. Register / Transfer a Domain Name  for life.
2. No Renewal Notification and management. 
3. Free Power DNS Management. 
4. Free Domain Privacy For Life. 

You also get full money refund if we are not able to keep up with our words at given point in time. 

How to register a domain name for a life time?

First check if the domain name is available for registration or transfer your existing domain name to Netspace (India) from the Domain Registration Page.

The Domain registration panel will look something like this:

Once the domain name is registered get in touch with Netspace (India) to bring your domain name under life time contract. 


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