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A to Z of making money from blogging (Step by Step Guide)

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how to make money online

A to Z of making money from blogging (Step by Step Guide)

To many, blogging is just a fling or part-time job you try to add up some extra bucks on your monthly income. And for all those who think that this isn’t a “real” career option, let’s get a reality check.

A good blogger earns around $100,000 per month in sales. Yeah, you read it right…Isn’t it a bit more than your 9 to 5 job..??

I have so many bloggers as customers and most of them are using our Linux shared hosting plan for their new blog but some high traffic bloggers are using Linux VPS hosting but no matter what level of traffic they are receiving the ultimate goal of the most blogger is either bringing high traffic to the blog by optimising their website  or by understanding google algorithm or about how to make money online from blogging. well, this article is all about making money using your blog.

Now that you do understand and see blogging as a real good career option, you’ll be no doubt curious to know the answer to the big question.

HOW to make money online?

Well, if you think that money blogging is an overnight magical cheat to earn some solid bucks, then let me be clear on this. NO.

No, this isn’t an overnight magical cheat to earn bucks neither will blogging will make a millionaire in just a few how-blogs-make-moneyweeks or months. The thing we are talking about here is hard work, patience and dedication of years. It will take you a hundred mistakes to finally build up your first ‘successful’ blog (Refer: how to create your blog using WordPress). It would be you working 80-100 hours per week and still not getting the desired results. But it will be all worth it. You’ll learn. With every bad move and every failed blog, you’ll learn a lot and this would help you grow better.

Now that you know that blogging isn’t a cakewalk and that it requires some hardcore dedication and work, you must be prepared for what it takes. So, I’m going to tell you what you need to do to kick start your blogging career.


Okay, so now that you have finally decided to start a blog, what is it going to be about..? You need a plan. There are millions of niches out there. Some are small and some are big.  Some are easier to make money in than others. What you need to do here is RESEARCH. The best way to do this is picking a niche of your interest at Google.


When you have a large fan base who are interested in what you have to say, your blog is going get you some solid bucks. How ? Well now I will write about the most asked question and the heading of this article  “MONETIZATION” 

  1. Showing Ads in your blog :
    Once you have 50+ article in your blog try applying for Google Adsense if your blog for any reason does not get approval, then listed below are some alternative

    1. yllix.com
    2. revenuehits.com
    3. Adversal
    4. Chitika
    5. PopCash
    6. Media.net
    7. PopAds
      Disclaimer: I am personally using Adsense & Revenuehits in my personal blog.
      Caution: Some add network do not allow multiple ads with the different provider so please read terms and condition of each website mentioned above.
  2. Affiliate Network :
    You can also try AFFILIATE MARKETING. In this, you endorse other people’s product or services on your website in exchange for a commission. On programming and data items, subsidiaries normally acquire a half commission or once in a while considerably more, so it can be entirely lucrative. Some company provide a commission for referring customers to them. (Like we at netspaceindia.com have Web Hosting Affiliate Programs) you can join the several affiliate program to get commissioned by referring traffic or sales to them. One more example is amazon affiliate program.
  3. Review Article  :
    Simple, you get paid when you review products and services after using them. You can get in touch with a company who are working under your niche and ask them if you can review the product and in return, you can get paid for it. SPONSORED POSTS is another way to get some good money. All you need to do here is publish a post provided by the advertiser or write a post that mentions the advertiser. Sponsored posts can bring in $50-$500 depending on the type of the post.
  4. Sell your blog :
    Yes, you read that right! You can also consider your blog for selling to the right buyers. A website with great content and traffic are sold and brought in thousands of dollars. so if you want you can consider selling your blog for the right cost.

So, these were the basics you should know before you start your blogging career. There are a lot many things you will still need to learn. So, keep researching to grow your knowledge. And don’t lose hope when you fail, just don’t repeat the same mistake.

Type of other things you can make money online :


Remember: The moment you decide to use your blog to make money, you’re no longer just a blogger. At that moment, you also become an entrepreneur, and your blog becomes a small business. Failure will help you come closer to success and that is how you will one day become a “real”. Best of luck


I’ve been helping businesses to be online for over 15 years. Today my team and I, focus on helping real businesses to overcome real-life challenges and analyse data in a way that can help businesses grow in the right direction of this digital age.


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