Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

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Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation
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Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

Shashi kant Pandidhar

15 year ago Microsoft CEO labeled Linux as “a cancer” but things are changed today. Believe it or not, Microsoft is The Linux Foundation’s newest Platinum member. 10 years ago that would have seemed unimaginable, but Microsoft has been steadily embracing open source recently, leading it to become the top organization with the most open source contributors on Github.

Microsoft has been contributing to Linux for several years now, and Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, welcomes the company joining the foundation. “Microsoft is better able to collaborate with the open source community to deliver transformative mobile and cloud experiences to more people.”

Ars Technica

Microsoft has changed. Today’s Microsoft supports Debian GNU/Linux on Azure and has its own Linux certification. 2016’s Microsoft offers the open-source Hadoop big data software on Ubuntu and its CEO proclaims that Microsoft loves Linux. Microsoft even has its own specialized Linux distribution: Azure Cloud Switch.

Why has Microsoft done all this? Because, in two words: “Linux won” and We all love Linux.

Everywhere else — clouds, supercomputers, and servers — it’s a Linux world. Microsoft could have tried to fight it and hemorrhage red-ink, or they could embrace it and profit. They chose to make money.


This is actually a pretty big deal folk. This could mean that Microsoft is taking their first step to free and open-source operating systems. With their renewed interest in the hardware side of things, this would be a logical next step for them, allowing the Linux community to create their software for them which would mean better and more secure OS’s. Linux-based Windows 11? Sign me up! 🙂

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