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useful websites

Most Useful Websites Of 2020- BookMark Now

Internet is full of website, there are billions of websites and millions of blog. 

In-fact there is one blog for every 4 humans in this world. 

Some share knowledge, some help us to solve our day to day problem, some offer services, utility and so on.

If you have a problem, the internet has a solution for it. 

useful websites

Top 12 Most Useful websites

We are use to visit few of the daily website as per our requirements, But the websites I am going to share here will force you to change your muscle memory and bookmark each of these Interesting Websites are also  most useful website on the internet. 

Here are my top useful websites which I shortlisted after scanning the internet for more than a decade.

Free Temporary Anonymous Email Address

First stop is (not particular in orders) 10minutemail.com.

In my previous blog post about types of email, I have mentioned different types of email services.

But this one is different, This website give you a email id for just 10 minutes. 

Why you need a 10 minute email ? You may ask.
Well there are several website out there, which require you to verify your email address, but you may not  comfortable sharing your email id, at this situation 10Minutemail comes handy. 

The 10 minute email can save lots of spam coming to your actual email id. 

Make sense right? 

Verify If Your Email address Has Been Compromised

Sharing your email id to non-trusted website, may end up in hacker list. 
If you are in habit of sharing your email id everywhere, then this is the website you must include in your bookmarks. 

The large amount data breaches happening around the globe, there is high chance that your email id may have been pwned. 

To check if your email is pawned or not visit www.haveibeenpwned.com

HaveIBeenpwned keep a database of all the website which has been compromised and check if your given email is listed in the compromised list. 

If your email id is listed in the compromised database, the website will warn you about the same. 

The website will also inform about the website due to which your email was pwned. 

You can then take additional security measures (like 2 step authentication from Gmail, to unsure safety of your email id).

Cool website right?  


Most Useful Websites Of 2020- BookMark Now
Click on image to enlarge

Analyse & Identify Fake Reviews

Fake Spot is for those of you, Who buy online products on bases of review of other buyers. 

www.fakespot.com will scan review of the product you are thinking to buy and warn you if it happen to find any thing suspicious . 

This website will tell you if the review on the product page are true are fake. 


For example, I tested a Natural Fat Burner product, which was listed at Amazon.in with a 4 star review rating. 

At a first look, any buyer how is desperate to loose wait will be tempted to buy after reading all the reviews. 

But after posting the product link in fakespot, I found this  :


The review on the amazon.in for this product ended up fake.

The actual rating was 2 stars. 

How  fakespot analise, if the review are actual user or not ? 
They use 1000’s of fake review database to identify the fake review pattern on your product. 

They have profiled the reviewer patterns and which help them  determined, If the product reviews may have deception involved.

So, Will you bookmark this website ? 

File & URL Scanner

This is very handy and easy to use website called www.virustotal.com.

As the name suggest, its a online virus scanner website, you don’t need to download any antivirus tools to scan files. 

If you want to scan downloaded  attachment from a email you just received, Just upload the file to this website and it will scan your file for any virus it may have. 

It also help you to scan any website you may have doubt about. 

For example, I scanned www.netspaceindia.com and this how it shows you the result. 

When it comes to file scan option, you can upload upto 550 MB size of file for scan. 

The result if super fast compare to any other website. 

I have seen attachment marked as safe in google mail, but was captured by virustotal.  

Learn and Code

If you love programming and you are beginner, www.sololearn.com is a must bookmark website. 

The biggest reason to bookmark this website is due to a fact that it’s completely free. 

I wrote an article about How to write “Hello World” in a different programming language, I wrote this article because I know how much difficult it can be for beginner to even start coding. 
But SoloLearn, went many step ahead and created a entire website for beginner programmers. 


They currently have 13 programming basic course, as of today they have Python, C++ ,Java, Java Script, J Query and many more. 

Go have a look of the entire list on there course. 

I also love the fact, that they offer all this course’s on mobile app too. 

Students can download the app in android and Iphone mobile and start learning on the go without any charges. 

Repair Anything Guides

If you are like me, and like to fix thing yourself then www.ifixit.com is the website for you. 

In addition to selling tools and parts, they also have list of tutorials for fixing modern days devices. 

With step by step guide, The website give you detail instruction to fix anything.

From cars to mobile, Ifixtit.com can help you fix things.

So, You can say “I FiX IT !”.  

For example, I have selected to repair tail light bulb replacement for a car. 

The website took me to this page where it displayed difficulty level, number of steps to be taken, time required to fix it and how many sub sections it may have. 

In short a very useful website and worth sharing.

Check If a Website is Down or Not?

Is it you or the website server ? Most of the time we can not believe a server can go down but believe me I have seen worst.

Even facebook and twitter can go down, and before you check your internet connection go check www.isitdownrightnow.com

This simple website comes handy when you want to be sure if a website you are trying to access is down only for you or everyone. 

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this website. 

Just enter the domain name for which you want to test it for downtime status and  isitdownrightnow.com will try access the website from global server to check if your target domain is up or down.  

Software Package Manager

While setting up new windows PC, I always have to keep a list of software I use. 

So, I can install them. 

But not anymore. 

www.ninite.com is very useful website, when you want to install your favorite application in one go. 

The website gives you option to select all the application you want to install and create your own custom application setup files. 


Once all application selected, this website will give you downloadable exe file which you can run to install all the application you have selected from the website.

The downloaded application will also help you updates your application as and when required in future. 

I normally keep the setup file created as a (Setup) backup of all my application. 

Price Tracker & History Charts

If you love shopping in amazon, www.camelcamelcamel.com is one more website in our list that you can bookmark. 

This website gives you price trend of your selected product. 

It is very useful to see if a product prices drops at what time of the year, maybe past Christmas?

Above is  Price History for “Newest Generation Dell XPS13 9380 Laptop” , you can see the trend is going down. 

If you want you can also setup email alert to receive notification of price drop of your selected product.  

Fact Search Engine

This one is my favorite www.wolframalpha.com is a search engine for data, no I am not saying it is a alternative of google, this is a different type of search engine. 

this website compute data in real time as you enter your problem. 

This is not so simple search engine but can help you solve any mathematical equation and give you real data oriented facts for your query.

Very useful website when it comes to data driven result.  

Video Sharing

I know, I Know, You must have guessed the website under this heading. 

Yes it is www.youtube.com.

The most used website to learn new things, explore new places and even new planets, you name it and you will have it on youtube. 

Several Indian Youtubers had made there glory through youtube and this the reason you should bookmark this website for sure. 

Radio Garden - The world of radio

This one is my personal favourite – Radio Garden allows you to listen to thousands of live radio.

They also have mobile app which can be downloaded on any mobile device.

They use world map which you can rotate in any direction and have small Every green dot represents a city or town with all the radio channel there.

Tap on it to tune into the radio stations broadcasting from that city.

By adding new stations every day and updating ones that no longer work, we hope to give you a smooth international radio listening experience.

Save your favourite stations for later listening.


top useful websites

Every year, I keep updating this list as new websites shows up with new tools to help us grow. 

So, don’t forget to follow us on our social media. 

Question: do you know a website that should be included in the list ? Comment below.

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