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MD Wildcard Certificate

Encrypt everything on one certificate.

The most versatile SSL certificate available, period.

Encrypt everything on one certificate.

With MD Wildcard save you more time, money and effort than securing your entire web presence with a single SSL certificate.

DigiCert Basic OV (FLEX)

Business-level SSL

4616 /m
  • Warranty: $1,250,000
  • Issuance: 2 hours
  • Reissue: Unlimited
  • Validation Type: OV
  • SAN & Wildcard Support
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm
  • Server Licensing: Unlimited
  • Malware Scan: Not included
  • Site Seal: Dynamic, Digicert Seal
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography capable
  • Vulnerability Assessment: No

DigiCert Secure Site OV (FLEX)

Business-level validation + Norton seal

11431 /m
  • Warranty: $1,750,000
  • Reissue: Unlimited
  • Issuance: 2 hours
  • Validation Type: OV
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm
  • Server Licensing: Unlimited
  • Malware Scan Included
  • SAN & Wildcard Support
  • Priority Support & Validation
  • CertCentral® Mgmt. Platform
  • Site Seal: Dynamic, Norton™ Seal

GeoTrust DV SSL (FLEX)

Secure 250 standard & wildcard domains

1552 /m
  • Warranty: $500,000
  • Reissue: Unlimited
  • Issuance: Instant
  • Validation Type: DV

    Domain validation (DV) level provides a streamlined and easy validation process

  • Server Licensing: Unlimited
  • SAN & Wildcard Support
  • Enables up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Site Seal: Dynamic
  • Vulnerability Assessment: X
  • Highest level of validation: X

Wait. What is Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate basically secures or can secure multiple domains and their associated subdomains. Multiple wildcard domains are combined in one certificate.

Benefits of using Multi-domain Wildcard SSL certificate?

Benefits of using Multi-domain Wildcard SSL are: 1. Simplify the management process 2. Saves time and money 3. Reduces the possibility of costly human errors 4. Secure the main domain with other first-level domains. 5. Easier certificate management 6. Wildcards are cheaper than the alternatives.

How to add additional domains to a multi-domain/SAN certificate?

You can add additional domains to an active certificate by reissuing it.

How long are your SSL certificates valid for?

Depending upon the certificate you choose to purchase, SSL will be valid from anywhere to 1-2 years. Depending upon the certificate, SSL can be issued for a maximum of 2 years

Do TLS/SSL certificates work on all devices, systems and versions?

Yes, Netspace TLS/ SSL certificates boasts strong 99.9% compatibility with all devices, versions, and systems. To know about your device compatibility contact our support team.

What flexibility does Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate provides to encrypt?

1. Unified Communications 2. Public-Facing IP Addresses 3. Fully Qualified Domain Names 4. Multi-level Sub-Domains

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ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of an ISMS (information security management system).  An ISMS is a set of policies, procedures, processes and systems that manage information security risks, such as cyber attacks, hacks, data leaks or theft. Netspace™ (India) is a part of Abit Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Netspace™ (India) which is a brand of Abit Cloud Technologies Private Limited demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and
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